International Conference on Typography


The Association of Designers of the Region of Valencia (ADCV) is organising 5th International Conference on Typography. Under the title "Beyond the Ink" and during three days, the Conference will hold exhibitions, lectures, workshops and scientific presentations to give new answers to the technological changes that have driven a revolution in typography. Since Macintosh made its appearance in 1984 many things have changed for typography. Computer tools have revolutionized typographic practice and the emergence of Internet
has had a significant impact at other levels no less important. This has led to the
emergence of a new field of graphic design, web design, in which typography is still in its infancy. Also other platforms like mobile devices, which are opening other areas to colonize and posing new challenges, including the possibilities of reading that ebook offers. At the same time, some means such film or television screen that, since virtually its origins were a place for the letter, are evolving and expanding their language. 5th Conference on Typography will deal these issues and many more about how to address the use and creation of typography in a new context subjected to constant technological transformation.

Jun 29, 2012 - Jul 01, 2012

Art and Design School of Valencia

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