How does Designspotter work?

DESIGNSPOTTER - Design Platform

1. Submit your products & projects here ( picture size 434 x 261 px jpg for best results ) and create your own profile.

2. After the first submit you'll receive an email - with instruction now you can log in here and work on your profile details

3. Log in and fill out the complete details about you and your company including all social media links etc.

4. You want to submit more products and projects? Just follow this link and submit new things to your profile - please use the same email address as in your profile - so everything will be attached to your profile.

5. You forgot your password or log in data? please contact us here

6. You want to change pictures / details on submited projects or products? Please contact us here

7. Designspotter is cost free ! you can create your profile and submit up to 60 projects

8. Send us your press release / events / links to video etc. here



Designspotter Jobs – Part of Designspotter Online Magazine. Designspotter is one of the places for design with the widest spread online network. DESIGNSPOTTER JOBS is the logical supplement for networking employers with the best creative people worldwide. Just follow this link and submit your jobs.

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