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Apr 20, 2011

Aurelia Eichhornia | Studio Jo Meesters


During the Furniture Fair in Milan 2011, Studio Jo Meesters presented it’s new project entitled Aurelia Eichhornia. The Aurelia Eichhornia is a series of lamps especially developed for the presentation of Leolux during the 50th Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2011 where the Dutch furniture company exhibited its new collection.


The presentation wich is set up in a Alice in Wonderland meets Underwater World, is emphasize by huge waterlily leaves coming from the ground and a series of colourful handmade floral carpets created by Studio Jo Meesters.


Inspired by waterplants and jelly fish, the Aurelia Eichhornia is a series of knitted pendant lights combining the materials glass and textile. Using found fermentation bottles as a basis for the design, the bottles are cutted and polished and covered afterwards in textile. The yarns are especially developed in the Audax Textile Museum combining cotton and luminous filament yarns, which gives the lamps a glowing effect after it is turned off.Using an advance automatic knitting machine programme the lamp is knitted covering the glass from top to bottom resembling a flower ready to bloom.

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