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Sep 26, 2011

Podtime - Versatile Sleep Pods


Original and innovative, a sleep pod has a wide range of uses but essentially offers a sanctuary for rest in an otherwise busy environment.

The standard pod is £1695 +VAT, though this reduces for multiples. We can provide a basic version for £875 +VAT, and an enhanced version priced according to the options selected. Open ventilation at each end means every pod has good air circulation and a fresh and roomy feel inside. The doors are available in tinted, frosted or solid finish, and are lockable to keep your things safe whilst you relax. The stock model comes with either a quality, fitted vinyl covered foam mattress or a standard single mattress, and has the following features as standard: Choice of colour (pod and doors) Alarm clock Digital radio and ipod dock Headphones Coat hanger Storage shelf Storage rack Mirror

Additional options are available at small extra costs such as a secure luggage compartment, TV and DVD, leather covered mattress, power point and a pull down soft paper couch roll for hygienic and rapid change (for vinyl mattress use). We’ll work together with you to create your perfect pod, branded if and as you wish.

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