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Sep 18, 2011

Soundtank by Nik Nowak


During NIK NOWAK's art studies, he dealt extensively with electronic music and, in addition to drawing, began composing pieces that consisted only of low-pitched tones. In this context, he designed an abstruse mobile bass sound system, the “Baron Bass”, which was to produce frequencies beyond the audible range, below 30Hz. The aim was to integrate a psycho-acoustic level into the compositions. In the attempt to mix and master my sound works for their distribution on CDs, it became clear that most of the sounds could only be reproduced to achieve their full effect in certain loudspeakers, with a specific mix and in a suitable space. He thus pursued the idea of developing further sound systems for specific sounds.

The Tank was supposed to have a particular frequency spectrum and, according to the motto “hit me with music”, was to attain a considerable volume level. It also should be mobile and independent of a street infrastructure. A Japanese mini dumper with steel tracks, which Nik had purchased at an internet auction in 2008, served as a basis. Nik dismantled it and, under consideration of acoustic parameters, rebuilt it into a sound vehicle. With six 12-inch mid-range drivers, three 18-inch subwoofers and four tweeters, he kept the frequency ranges neatly apart so that he could always get the right sound mix. With a performance of 4000 Watt, he would also have a good basis for attaining a considerable volume on outdoor sites. The wall of speakers can be hydraulically raised and aligned.


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