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Feb 04, 2013

Clarity Bike by Designaffairs GmbH


Clarity Bike by Designaffairs GmbH constructed with a plastic used in fighter jets canopies.Trivex is just one out of more than 2000 unique material samples (and over 5,000 various colors and finishes of these materials) that we have been collecting to provide a unique playground for manufacturers, designers and engineers alike.
Apart from client work and creative workshops we have used the lab as a source of inspiration for this designaffairs-studio project: Clarity Bike.
What sets our library apart from the other material libraries is the fact that all material and technologies presented are tailored to meet productions-processes needs. In addition to that, we have developed our own feature based material search engine, which allows our clients (manufacturers of products) not just to search and find but also to catalogue their own materials.

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