Mar 26, 2016

porzellan manufaktur nymphenburg - Limited Skull Edition 2016


It is small, strong, fast, and inspires our minds: the hummingbird, a symbol of power, love, and a positive future. With 40 to 50 wing beats per second, this bird is one of the most agile creatures on Earth. The smallest member of the family measures just six centimetres – including beak and tail feathers. In 2016, the manufactory porcelain painters have immortalised a hummingbird with flowers on a handmade skull for the first time for the "Limited Skull Edition".
The craftsmanship of the fine, iridescent plumage is a testament to the skills of the porcelain painters. Each super fine brushstroke is done free-hand without a stencil. They chose a shimmering green broad-tailed hummingbird to be depicted 'in action', just the way it goes in search of food every day. The Hummingbird is very picky when it comes to food. The tireless nectar collectors are especially attracted to red and orange flowers. That's why the porcelain painters depicted it surrounded by a few particularly splendid blooming chrysanthemums. Each Skull in this 25-piece limited edition is a unique handmade piece and bears the personal signature of the craftsmen who were involved in its creation.



Mar 18, 2016

NENDO - 50 manga chairs @ Milan Design Fair


Nendo will present “50 manga chairs” a new installation for Friedman Benda during Milan Design Fair 2016 Manga is a means of expression with a high degree of flatness and abstraction, and which is composed of a series of lines.
We could say that manga comics are deeply rooted in Japanese culture, since they can be traced back to Ukiyoe prints developed during the Edo period (1603-1868 A.D.).
This installation of 50 manga chairs is the result of adapting the strong symbolic nature of manga comics to furniture design.
Manga consist of a series of frames on a single sheet of paper that creates a sequence. Similarly, 50 standard chairs are lined up in a grid, each one conjures up a sense of story, and each with a design element from manga. For example, a “speech bubble” or “effect line” are added to visualize sound or action. Or emotional symbols from manga, like “sweat” or “tears”, are formed so that a sense of story and character can be felt.
With the abstraction of manga comics in mind, physical aspects such as colour and texture are intentionally avoided as much as possible.
Instead, a complete mirror finish is opted for, which generates new spatial layers as the mirror surface reflects the real world, just like manga does. Photo by Kenichi Sonehara



Feb 28, 2016



F703 SENNHEISER × FREITAG headphones. Lennon × McCartney, Run-DMC × Aerosmith or Gallagher × Gallagher: put 'em together and you have all you need to transform a nice-enough duet into a dynamic duo. Having too much in common sometimes leads to predictably boring partnerships: the magic of real, fruitful cooperation arises out of opposites. In the case of SENNHEISER × FREITAG, traditional German engineering meets Swiss recycling design head on. And the result is more than perfect-sounding SENNHEISER headphones with a colorful piece of truck tarps in a FREITAG case. F703 SENNHEISER x FREITAG is High Fidelity × High Individuality: the world's first unique headset.

Available in a limited edition of just 1500, the individual downtown headphones come in a case made from the same truck tarp and are available from February 26 at FREITAG Stores and on

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