Oct 06, 2011



The washbasins BO!NG come in a wide range of colors, adapting to any environment and giving them, principally a huge dose of originality. The color chart BO!NG is very broad, but it allows you to request a special color to make your space unique. If you already think that these sinks are different, the ability to choose the tone that the user likes make them completely original products, which are far removed from other products for the bath.
The design of the washbasins BO!NG is carefully considered to avoid crevices where dirt can accumulate. In addition, its surface is smooth, so that cleaning is guaranteed as there is no absorption of moisture and dust. BO!NG is resistant to chemicals in household cleaning and personal hygiene.
BO!NG is flexible, soft and light because it is made of polyurethane. This material lends to our washbasins one of its most striking characteristics: flexibility. Thanks to it, BO!NG is a people friendly product which insures against shocks by cushioning falls because it is made of a deformable material that takes away the hardness of surfaces.



Oct 05, 2011

KRASZNAI ceramics Arms&Crafts


KRASZNAI is a young studio from Barcelona. All works they produce is handmade and/or slipcasted ceramics and each one of them is a little bit different from the others. At least they like to think that all objects have their own behaviour. The new collection is called “Arms&Crafts” and here you can clearly see their “behavior”, some ceramics seem to reach for something, some

seem to be surprised. This creates a funny interaction between the object an the observer or user.


Krasznai is a street in your mind; even though in reality it does exist.
It’s in many of the places you have passed.
Many times you have noticed the details of its balconies, its streetlights or its receptions but without ever having given them a second thought.
Krasznai is the street where all your ironic thoughts about society are concentrated.
Some are nothing more than clay waiting to be attended to in a shop.
Some argue about nothing covered in enamel. Others take advantage of some corner to dry out on in the sun, and others, fresh out of the oven, simply watch how people walk down the street.



Oct 04, 2011

Vienna Bike at the Vienna Design Week


The Vienna Bike is an electrically assisted tricycle that rides with the feeling of a two-wheeler through its innovative steering and unique suspension system. This allows the bike to tilt easily to the right or left while riding it.
The custom Vienna Bike cargo boxes can load up to 150 litres or around 40 kg of shopping goods - more than the trunk of some small cars, or full shopping trolley. Vienna bike can be used for short or long distances in urban and suburb area, such as for shopping, going for picnics, or for delivery services.
The loading platform features a quick release fixing for easy securings and switching loads. A specially designed children’s seat can also be mounted for powered-up rides with the child. Due to its two back wheels Vienna Bike provides the kind of stability needed when carrying heavier loads.
The bike is extremely narrow for a tricycle (only 35 cm between the back wheels) so that it can be stored like any other bicycles. It also has a unique folding system for easy transport. With a single charge, the Vienna Bike can accomplish a distance of up to 60 km when assisted by pedalling and reach a speed of up to 22 km/h. It uses a normal 230/ 110 V plug and the total charging time is 3 hours.
Materials: aluminium, steel, plastic, fabric.

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