Oct 06, 2011

Studio Aisslinger for Lorenz ICONOGRAPH


werner aisslinger created 'iconograph', a modern timepiece for italian watch company, lorenz. the gadget keeps the classic form of the rounded wristwatches, but adds texture and visual interest in the face of the device. the numbers are framed by windows, adding depth to the otherwise clean surface.

the hour hand mirrors the idea of windows as it too, is an elongated rectangle. meant for everyday use, durable materials were used, such as the quartz movement and the stainless steel case.

the bracelet is rubber to make it comfortable for the user's wrist. the clean form and personalized color choices allow this watch to be unisex.


The design of “Iconograph” is based on the classic round watchbody with clear fluent organic lines of the case and the accentuation of the spherical dial, with the outstanding and characteristic windows for the 12 numbers.



Oct 06, 2011



The washbasins BO!NG come in a wide range of colors, adapting to any environment and giving them, principally a huge dose of originality. The color chart BO!NG is very broad, but it allows you to request a special color to make your space unique. If you already think that these sinks are different, the ability to choose the tone that the user likes make them completely original products, which are far removed from other products for the bath.
The design of the washbasins BO!NG is carefully considered to avoid crevices where dirt can accumulate. In addition, its surface is smooth, so that cleaning is guaranteed as there is no absorption of moisture and dust. BO!NG is resistant to chemicals in household cleaning and personal hygiene.
BO!NG is flexible, soft and light because it is made of polyurethane. This material lends to our washbasins one of its most striking characteristics: flexibility. Thanks to it, BO!NG is a people friendly product which insures against shocks by cushioning falls because it is made of a deformable material that takes away the hardness of surfaces.



Oct 05, 2011

KRASZNAI ceramics Arms&Crafts


KRASZNAI is a young studio from Barcelona. All works they produce is handmade and/or slipcasted ceramics and each one of them is a little bit different from the others. At least they like to think that all objects have their own behaviour. The new collection is called “Arms&Crafts” and here you can clearly see their “behavior”, some ceramics seem to reach for something, some

seem to be surprised. This creates a funny interaction between the object an the observer or user.


Krasznai is a street in your mind; even though in reality it does exist.
It’s in many of the places you have passed.
Many times you have noticed the details of its balconies, its streetlights or its receptions but without ever having given them a second thought.
Krasznai is the street where all your ironic thoughts about society are concentrated.
Some are nothing more than clay waiting to be attended to in a shop.
Some argue about nothing covered in enamel. Others take advantage of some corner to dry out on in the sun, and others, fresh out of the oven, simply watch how people walk down the street.

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