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Sep 27, 2011

WALTER van Beirendonck Retrospective


Dream the world awake

The Antwerp Fashion Museum present the first large-scale retrospective exhibition of the work of fashion designer WALTER VAN BEIRENDONCK. Over three decades, Van Beirendonck has built up an impressive international career. He is the maverick of the Antwerp fashion scene and became primarily known for his colourful designs, his spectacular fashion shows in Paris in the 1990s under the W.&L.T. label, and the critical messages on society he proclaims in his designs. His work combines the most diverse sources of inspiration, ranging from technology, art and pop culture to ethnography. In addition to many of the most exceptional silhouettes from Van Beirendonck’s collections, the exhibition provides an overview of the world he lives in, his sources of inspiration and his numerous other projects. By way of different themes, it takes a deeper look into the narrative character of his oeuvre, his fascination for ethnography, spiritualism and the supernatural, rituals, science fiction and technology. The exhibition reveals how Van Beirendonck examines the frontiers of beauty, creating his own interpretations of concepts imposed by society, for example, in terms of gender and sexuality, and how he incorporates topical themes, including ecology, Aids or mass consumerism into his collections and presentations. The exhibition  runs from September 14th, 2011 until February 19th, 2012. Catalogue will be published in collaboration with Lannoo Publishers (Dutch) & ACC (English), hardcover, 240 pages. (c) Photography: Ronald Stoop



Sep 26, 2011

Podtime - Versatile Sleep Pods


Original and innovative, a sleep pod has a wide range of uses but essentially offers a sanctuary for rest in an otherwise busy environment.

The standard pod is £1695 +VAT, though this reduces for multiples. We can provide a basic version for £875 +VAT, and an enhanced version priced according to the options selected. Open ventilation at each end means every pod has good air circulation and a fresh and roomy feel inside. The doors are available in tinted, frosted or solid finish, and are lockable to keep your things safe whilst you relax. The stock model comes with either a quality, fitted vinyl covered foam mattress or a standard single mattress, and has the following features as standard: Choice of colour (pod and doors) Alarm clock Digital radio and ipod dock Headphones Coat hanger Storage shelf Storage rack Mirror

Additional options are available at small extra costs such as a secure luggage compartment, TV and DVD, leather covered mattress, power point and a pull down soft paper couch roll for hygienic and rapid change (for vinyl mattress use). We’ll work together with you to create your perfect pod, branded if and as you wish.



Sep 25, 2011

EARonic iPhone Cases


CollabCubed started as an art and design blog, but has since expanded into this shop featuring the EARonic iPhone cases and previous collaboration, SATees: Big Words for Little Kids.  Designed by Daniela Gilsanz – a cube root of CollabCubed – the EARonic iPhone cases are EARefutably EAResistible. Daniela first came up with the idea last fall when applying to art schools. She was getting a portfolio together and while sketching some ears in her sketchbook (one of the prompts from a school) the initial EARonic mockup and portfolio piece came to be. 


It’s a mother/daughters thing. The three of us share a passion for all things design, art, fashion, and pop culture related. Debbie is a graphic designer in NYC and the voice of the blog. Daniela is a first year industrial design student at RISD and designer of the super-fab EARonic iPhone cases. Emma focuses on the sciences in her second year at Brown, as well as having a keen eye for photography and a weakness for fashion and design blogs. This is where we share our links and finds. One of the ways we stay connected. Welcome to our CollabCubed. 


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