Oct 04, 2011

The ICON Family lamp by LE BLUME


Reduction, and simplification makes this lamp seem to be designed out of a screen design-context.
An ICON, as simple it is depicts as the ICON-Family lamp clearly its purpose. The lamp works with LED Lighting or energy saving light bulbs.

LE BLUME was founded by Damián López in 2009, he presents object designed to bring sustainability into the most mundane environments. “As designers we have to take on board the responsibility implicit in creating objects for the mass market. What we have a society dominated by a growth economy whose logic is not to grow in order to satisfy needs but to grow simply for the sake of growing.
At LEBLUME we back sustainable design because we like things that are natural, we like to look after environment and... because we would not know how to operate any other way!
Our starting point is the strong bond that develops between an object and its user and how objects interact in our lives, changing our habits and behaviours.
We hope we make products that can re-educate consumers and teach them the value of a society where consumption is sustainable - objects that demand to be used in conjuntion with a simple, natural lifestyle and environment.”



Oct 03, 2011

BlackTrail The non plus ultra eBike


Developed & manufactured by UBC - Design by Christian Zanzot - Limited to 667 bikes worldwide We have rediscovered the wheel. The fastest, most modern and exclusive e-Bike in the world. Precision handwork emotionally combines carbonfibre, titanium and fine leather to create a unique bike. The BlackTrail was developed with Formula One know-how together with our partner UBC and manufactured to Formula One standards.

extremely robust e-Bike lightweight frame, metal components from aerospace alloy, Carbon components from high-strength carbon fibers:
Frame - Fork - Wheel set - Handlebar
System-integrated designer components:
• LED stop light, headlight & taillight
• On-board computer with OLED display
• Internally ventilated break discs
• High-quality leather grips and leather seat
Max. range: 200 km (124 miles)

Max. speed: 100 km/h (62 mph)
frame: 2.300 g - wheels: 1.600 g
bike (excl. engine and battery): 13.800 g
Battery (max. output): 6.500 g
engine and shifting system: 6.300 g



Oct 02, 2011

CAPDELL at Fair Habitat Valencia 2011


CAPDELL presented three novelties at the Fair Habitat Valencia 2011
Through the slogan “SIT, THINK, IMAGINE”, Capdell wants to presents elegant, lasting and functional designs. Out of this philosophy and the company's forty years of experience, three concepts were developed: MOON, AVA & YMAY.
AVA designed by Carlos Tíscar
As well as the famous actress Ava, the AVA chair has a strong personality made of contrasts. The volume, of solid construction, is build with thin pieces making flat sections thanks to the bevelled. The collection has been designed with slightly inclined straight lines giving a serene appearance perfect for a private ambient or installation.
MOON designed by Gabriel Teixidó
The multifunctionality is one of the main features of the MOON Collection, two shells and five different bases allow us to adapt it to any space or use, meetings, eat, wait, relax at home, at the office, at the hotel… with a common denominador: comfort and aesthetic. MOON has as many faces as the moon.
YMAY designed by Capdell Studio
Yemaya – yemay – YMAY. Mother, origin, strength – this design has the aim of a solid seat, simple but not ordinary. A chair suitable for any space by its freshness and wide range of solutions. Just like Yemaya, mother and origin of the waters, YMAY kindly embrace us while we socialize, dream, think and create.

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