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Sep 23, 2011

Pia Wüstenberg collection of stacking vessels


Product ID is a series of five vessels exploring a place for new rituals in everyday life. Each vessel disassembles into individual components with different functions.

The series together presents an evolution from traditional aesthetics and materials to a new urban aesthetic, looking for new material applications from the urban environment and the development of new urban crafts.
The collection of Stacking Vessels as a continuation of her RCA graduation work and is showcased at the london design festival 2011.

Ceramic, Glass and Wood are combined to create a vessel consisting of three bowls.The crafts of throwing, blowing and turning are worked together in order to make one whole where the meeting point of each material is accurate.



Sep 23, 2011



Awateef is a collaborative project between Knockoutdesign designers and Palestinian craftswomen of Kfar Manda village in Galilee. The designed series of objects gives a new interpretation of the meeting between the high precision industrial technology and the impeccable beauty and charm of the handcraft

Kfar Manda is a village with one of the highest percentage of unemployment in Israel, especially among women, thus Sindyanna HaGalil ( a Jewish – Arab non-profit organization, led by women striving for social change, opened there a weaving center to revive the traditional craft of rattan weaving and give working opportunities to the local women.

Women at Sindyanna weave traditional objects baskets according to local tradition; it is not simple to market these baskets outside of Israel due to the competition of very inexpensive baskets that are woven in the Far East and Africa.

Awateef (Arabic female name means feelings) - Awateef Musa, was our weaving teacher in Kfar Manda and mostly with her we developed the series of products that is called to honour her impact, excitement, passion and patience.




Sep 22, 2011

WORKOUT furniture as a team KINZO for adidas


Round about 1,700 adidas designers, developers, scientists and marketing strategists have moved into a new working environment at the headquarters in Herzogenaurach, a building distinguished by an exterior and an interior which strike new paths – literally: glass walkways cross the inner courtyard, intertwining like the laces of a sports shoe.

The Berlin Design office KINZO won the idea competition for a functionally optimized and modular furniture system tendered by adidas and, in addition, translated kadawittfeldarchitektur’s (Aachen) communicative architectural concept into a custom-made furniture and interior design: “WORKOUT” is the working title of the concept which is destined to open up new realms of creativity and possibilities for team play. To suit this purpose KINZO developed a module system consisting of 46 flexible elements which can be put together in innumerable ways to establish team-oriented rooms, zones and workspaces. The “Teamplayer” – a multi-functional room module with conical sides  –  serves as the arrangement’s centerpiece. Similar to an open frame, the Teamplayer can be equipped and used in various ways: as a support for desktops or as a clothes rack for lockable containers and magnetic punched-plate walls which offer ample space for hanging up balls, shoes and assorted accessories. © Werner Huthmacher, Berlin & Planmöbel / Lichtblick Fotografie, Volker Bültmann

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