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Feb 02, 2013

ADD System Furniture by Flötotto


Together with designer Werner Aisslinger, Flötotto have developed the modular ADD furniture system, which features an innovative joint design. The intelligent plastic node (patent pending) brings with it two major advantages: first it seamlessly connects the timber profiles to form a structural frame, hiding the joint within the node itself.

Second, it introduces a new and simple installation technique, in which the nodes feature fasteners that simply clip onto and off other elements such as front, side and back panels. Elements can easily be changed or added at any time. ADD is a system that can be modified and extended according to the user’s ideas and needs.



Jan 31, 2013

Kristallglasmanufaktur Theresienthal


Glassblowers, cutters, engravers, painters and other craftsmen have been working in Theresienthal since 1836. These craftsmen have accumulated the skill and experience that is essential for the making of exclusive crystal ware. Many of these craftsmen have worked in Theresienthal for decades and are sometimes the fourth or fifth generation of artisans. Theresienthal has always relied exclusively on its own craftsmen and every single item is hand-made. The process starts with the creation of a wooden mould. This is carried out by a master wood-turner. The liquid glass is blown into this mould to form the cup. A strand of moulten glass is then formed into the stem which is attached to the cup before the stem solidifies. Using a similar method, some glasses are further adorned with ornaments similarly made by hand. The glasses are then cut, engraved or painted, depending on the design and finally hand-polished. All these steps are done exclusively at our site in Bavaria, meaning that we have full control of the entire manufacturing process. This way we can guaranty the quality and timely delivery.



Jan 27, 2013

String Furniture shown at imm cologne


The String shelf was designed by Nils Strinning in 1949 and today belongs to the canon of classic Scandinavian design. The new String+ line, to be launched in 2013, shows that there’s a lot more to this minimalist idea for a beautifully designed shelf.

The String+ concept is based on components that remain true to the original String design and can therefore easily be integrated into the system. The first component to be launched is a foldable table designed by the Swedish architects Björn Dahlström and Anna von Schewen.The table will be introduced at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Further components will be launched later in 2013.

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