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“Nar” is a solution to keep your daily news papers magazines and books handy and easy to reach. We were first inpired by a metal bookmark and tried integrate the book mark-cofee table-bookshelf into one object.

This object had to be a anonymous object which had a restrain for form, we wanted the tablet to disappear and the books to give the design it’s final form. But it found it’s real language after naming it.

“Nar” means “pomegranate” in Turkish. Pomegranate is a fruit that holds hundreds of juicy seeds inside. it’s a fruit that symbolizes fertility. “Nar” table is one idea, and it holds books that are abundant with millions of ideas. We think of ideas as granades, they are explosive, and they can be distructive as much as they can be constructive, We wanted the table to emphasize the danger and the dilemma it holds.

The table is mono material (metal), and the design is simple compared to its functions. “Nar” can hold as many books as a conventional book shelf while adding the comfort of not loosing the page read. Rows of thin metal sheet that line across the table are the ribs that form the structure of the table. These metal ribs carry the books from their bindings while marking the page you have read. Metal plates which


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