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Urban Myth - Tel-Aviv, Israel

"Urban Myth" is an exploration into the aesthetic created by the introduction of the "hard-edge" urban landscape and scenery into desirable household objects. In this collection we fuse scenes from highways, construction sites, and other iconic urban motifs into objects that are traditionally associated with craft and "softness" - like cookie-jars and table-cloths. The end result is beautiful, but also a bit disturbing.

The base of our work stems from an examination of what makes things valuable: why is a traditional ornament, such as flowers or windmills seen by the side of the road, valued as beautiful while modern, urban objects are not awarded that value. By selecting these objects and using them as decorative elements we are declaring an alternative standard of beauty.


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Jan 07, 2010 09:13 - Pauline Lievens

Wonderful! Does anyone know where to buy?
Thank you for any comments, regards Pauline




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