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Object Frames

These “Object Frames” look as though the bottom of a normal picture frame has been bent up horizontally away from the wall resulting in a sort of shelf/frame. As a result of my packratish tendencies, I have collected all sorts of small objects that I can’t seem to let go because there’s just something about them. Some of these things (and other everyday objects) are worthy of being viewed as artwork. But artwork in the home is usually 2 dimensional and resides on the wall. In few cases sculptural work or decorative pieces are set on pedestals or tables to be viewed. I see this object as somewhere in between. This frame can be used to display small 3 dimensional objects. Any object placed on its horizontal ledge becomes framed and achieves heightened value and attention. Object frames can be used to hold votive candles, photographs, plants and an endless other possibilities. They are made of molded plywood and a bent piece of white acrylic. They vary in size and color.

“The illegitimate child of a shelf and a picture frame.”


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