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Sunrise Lampshade for Lauren Moriarty

Lauren Moriarty will be launching the stunning 'Sunrise' lampshade at Tent London in September. Designed by Pu Tai, a student of MA Industrial Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, the lampshade depicts the image of the London skyline and creates the effect of the sun rising when the light is switched on. The printed thermochromic layer changes colour in reaction to the temperature change of the bulb gradually over a timespan of a few minutes. The design was first prototyped by Pu Tai earlier in the year when it was short listed for the Student Lighting Design Awards 2007, a competition by the Lighting Association. Industrial Designer Lauren Moriarty is manufacturing and distributing the lampshades under her manufacturing label 'Peachy' in addition to her current range of lighting and home accessories. Lauren has been keen to work with other designers and share her experience of manufacturing and bringing a product to market to assist students and new graduates with their designs.

Designer: Pu TaiWebsite


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