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Basic Baroque by Rachel Horrocks

Rachel Explains 'I love using existing design and adding my own quirk to it. I have named my wall pieces 'Basic Baroque: 'the poor mans plasterwork' to emphasise the element of humour and play that exists within my work. Ornamental plasterwork was and still is a highly skilled and elitist décor technique. My work approaches this with an element of humour and awareness of today's fast moving consumer culture. Impermanence, changeability and play are key words in my thought process. I want the buyer to have fun using my work. The pieces are made from thick wedges of pure felt and are simply attached and detached to the chosen surface . The way that I have designed this allows the consumer a part in the design process and also addresses issues throw away culture. When the time come to redecorate you can simply remove the existing pieces place them in their box for the next time you wish to use them.

Designer: Rachel Horrocks Made in UK


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