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Alma, Orlando and Björn by Anita Meyer

«Alma», the container, «Orlando» the fan and «Björn» the lamp attack furniture like parasites and offer their services there. They act as helpers and companions through everyday life.

The three siblings, «Alma», «Orlando» and «Björn» are parasitic helpers that ease the burden of everyday life and make us more comfortable. They look for adequate spots in the office or the apartment and settle there. Their job descriptions include different services. «Alma» ensures orderliness by absorbing inside herself objects of daily use. With use of a hook she can be attached to legs of chairs and tables or other edges. «Orlando», the fan, ensures a light breeze. His flexible neck allows for countless different ways to attach him to furniture. His breeze can be adjusted individually. «Björn», ensures a comfortable atmosphere by providing soothing light. He bites himself into the edges of tables, doors, and chairs and therefore allows for a broad range of applications. The three siblings are made of slip-proof, flexible silicone allowing for a safe grip. Welcoming them in your home means never wanting to miss them afterwards!

Designer: Anita Meyer Made in Switzerland


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