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Quad storage system

Quad is a modular and decorative storage system. It evolves with your needs and changes shape according to your wishes. Each piece comes from a single sheet of metal cut, folded with precision and lacquered in the oven. A bookcase, a night table, a stool, a column of bathroom storage, a coffee table... The Quad fits together to suit your needs. The basic module of Quad is the cube. A perfect cube of 350 mm in length, width and height. Made from highly resistant metal, Quad is only 2 mm thick. On all sides of the cube, you can easily attach other cubes and design your custom storage system. You can easily change the composition, add or remove blocks at any time, without tools. Quad integrates well into any environment, its pure lines combine easily with existing decor whatever the style. Quad is designed in the preservation of Nature and Natural Resources. Quad is made of steel a 100% recyclable material. Quad is designed to be durable and multifunctional.

Designer: Dom Trapp Made in France


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