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Fabian Stuertz @ the Gloria Cologne

Young & gifted Cologne-based photographer Fabian Stuertz
shows his pictures in Gloria, Cologne from 13.4 on.
He understands as focus of his work the inner beauty, Soul
and the story behind the things themselves. From urban Arts,
concerts to portraits and urban environment: in his view
you'll always get to feeling that there's somthing deeper
in what you see, that there's somthing in it that shines
through and clings to your emotions.
We'd like to invite you to the Vernissage 12.4. from
19 o'clock at Gloria, Cologne (Apostelnstr.).
For also getting your auditive cortex innervated,
Block Rockin Beatz Soundsystem D.Rush & Kool Jerc
support their friend and favorite photographer.
And if you like to know what Fab's favorite music is
and how he sees his work take a listen toSoulsender


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