Exo Electric Car Concept

We wanted to design a electric city car and rationalize the concept of minimum, so on we decided to build a geodesic car. No other sector like transportation needs more rethinking than car design. So on, we removed all the outskirts and formed an external plastic made exostructure. The shape and a drive-by-wire system give strength and lightness to the car to both keep the occupants' safety and reducing the number of components.

Designer: Mauro Fragiotta & Mark Beccaloni (Italy)


Life - towel heater prototype

Life is a towel heater prototype, developed by “Ad Hoc”, a Gruppo Ragaini’s company, under the leading of designer Stefano Ragaini. It's a study project that led to a revolutionary idea that intends to propose a different balance between aesthetics and function. Life is a powerful and efficient radiator and an iconic artwork; in it there are references to the art world, as the movements De Stijl and the Minimalism. The distance between holders respects the sequence of the Fibonacci series

Designer: Mauro Fragiotta (Italy)
Manufacturer: ad Hoc (Italy)
Inspired By: nature, minimalism, de stijl
Material: recycled aluminum









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