Antonio Celestino

Belo Horizonte, Brazil



The Nokia Lumia PLAY is a concept smartphone focused on gaming. It features two pads on the back of the phone that you can use as gamepads to improve the gaming experience.
- The Lumia PLAY is powered by Microsoft´s XBOX. You can use it as a gamepad for your XBOX 360
- It features a HD, 1136x640 res, touchscreen with Corning® Gorilla® Glass
- Front 5MP camera (720p videos). On the back, 10MP, Full-HD camera
- OS: Windows Phone 8

Designer: Antonio Celestino (Brazil)
Inspired By: XBOX console
Material: ABS, Corning ® Gorilla ® Glass
Colours: Black, White, Lite Green, Red, Cyan and Lite Orange
Dimension: 124 x 59 x 7.6mm
Price: NA


ekran shades

ekran is a eyepiece designed for stylish people.

Designer: Antonio Celestino (Brazil)
Inspired By: LED panels
Material: Policarbonate
Colours: Multiple variations, choose the one that fits you best.
Dimension: 135x45x130 mm


bob coffee set

bob is a set of three parts designed to help you leach your cup of coffee.
since today having time to spend on breakfast is something rare because of stressing accelerated lives, bob is here to make things a little bit softer. it´s main objective is to make you laugh and feel better.
while the coffee is been leached, the hot water produces delicious coffee scented steam which goes through bob´s nostrils.

Designer: Antonio Celestino (Brazil)
Inspired By: dragons, crocodiles
Material: stoneware
Colours: lime green, light blue, purple, white, black, orange
Dimension: 161 mm x 79 mm x 123 mm, 1,1 kg


Raspberry Pi 3D Printed Case

- 3D printed Rasperry Pi Case;
- Multiple colors;
- Stands the way you want and need.

Designer: Antonio Celestino (Brazil)
Manufacturer: Shapeways (United States)
Inspired By: Neurons
Material: Polymer
Colours: Red, Blue, Pink, White, Black, Yellow, Lime, Green
Dimension: 109x35,5x76,3 mm
Price: NA


Philips Curve

The Philips Curve is a concept touchscreen phone. It features clock, date and temperature functions; contacts list up to 1000 contacts; wireless VoIP; allows you to sync with your email account and get notifications. A sensor turns off the touchscreen when on a call.

Designer: Antonio Celestino (Brazil)
Material: Glass, ABS
Colours: Black, White, Green, Red and Yellow


Philips VinTV

Philips VinTV is an vintage LCD television concept. Today flat screen TVs (LCD, LED and Plasma) are all the same. This is a product for people who are tired of the sameness and want something with more personality than an black piano rectangle in your living your.

Designer: Antonio Celestino (Brazil)
Inspired By: Philips 17TZ140A
Material: ABS
Colours: Black, White, Blue, Green and Pink
Dimension: 29 inches flat screen



With the MK 01 you no longer have limits. Its main feature is the possibility to use each one of the four speakers anywhere and how you want. Because the speakers’ connections are completely wireless you can put then wherever you want or you can use the mounted system as well. Each speaker has a battery pack even as the device´s base, this way you don´t have to worry about finding a switch plug to use your MK 01. The Braun MK 01 is designed to meet your audio reproduction and mobility needs.

Designer: Antonio Celestino (Brazil)
Inspired By: Several Braun products
Material: ABS
Colours: Cream, Black
Dimension: 300x300x200 mm
Price: NA


Microsoft Surface Phone Concept

The Microsoft Surface Phone Concept features two high definition touchscreens that gives the user an extended interface.

Designer: Antonio Celestino (Brazil)
Inspired By: Microsoft Surface, poligons
Material: Glass, Magnesium
Colours: Black, White, Blue, Green and Pink
Dimension: 55x120x8 mm
Price: NA



Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Industrial Design, 3-D Modeling, Motion Graphics


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Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais



Belo Horizonte

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