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Lexington, United States


Haiku LED

Haiku’s patent-pending LED module is 80 percent more efficient than traditional bulbs, and its digital dimmer offers 16 unique brightness settings. With a lifespan of 50,000 operating hours, Haiku’s LED is the one light you won’t be changing this decade.

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Designer: John Noble
Manufacturer: Big Ass Fans (United States)



Isis® is a versatile fan for commercial and residential spaces with ceilings as low as 12 feet. Its patented airfoil design circulates an ocean of air without the aid of an overstrained motor. In fact, just one Isis covers more area than 9 small ceiling fans while using only 1/3 of the energy. Isis produces less than 40 dBA at maximum operating speed (that’s quieter than an empty library!). In addition to its standard, anodized aluminum finish, Isis is available in a wide range of custom colors.

Designer: Big Ass Fan Company (United States)
Manufacturer: Big Ass Fan Company (United States)
Inspired By: Industrial Big Ass Fans
Material: Extruded Aluminum
Colours: Fully Customizable
Dimension: 8- to 10-ft diameter (2.4- to 3-m), less than 100 lbs (45.5 kg)



Lexington, United States





United States

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