Alvin Huang

London, United Kingdom



The concept of “Asteroid” is derived from the idea of creating a large concave surface in the centre for storage or display. It is shaped seamlessly to blend from concave to convex surfaces which emerge as support for the glass top. Circular rubber tabs on the four pillars prevent the glass top from slipping off the pillar. The table can also be used in another style by simply flipping it over and placing the glass in the recess.

Designer: Alvin Huang (Singapore)
Manufacturer: (Singapore)
Material: fiberglass


[C]Space Pavilion

[C]space is the winning entry in the ‘AADRLTen’ Pavilion competition. It is an advanced technology concrete structure that is erected in Bedford Square,London. The AADRL10 exhibition was held from the 22 February - 14 March 2008. The Pavilion opened on 13 March 2008 coinciding with the release of the DRL10 Book. It will remain open until the end of July. The structure was designed and developed by Alan Dempsey and Alvin Huang with Adams Kara Taylor and members of the AADRL.

Designer: Alan Dempsey + Alvin Huang (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Rieder (Austria)



London, United Kingdom





United Kingdom

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