Anatoliy Omelchenko

Brooklyn, United States


The Edible Spoon Maker

The Edible Spoon Maker is the only one spoon maker you can found today. It reliably produces delicious, crisp-tender, evenly-browned spoons that you can simply eat with your meal.

Designer: Anatoliy Omelchenko (United States)
Manufacturer: Anatoliy Omelchenko (United States)
Inspired By: Brooklyn
Colours: White



We all live in a time of threats from every direction. For many, anxiety is fed as much by the news as it is by highly unlikely but still scary scenarios of global epidemics and zombie apocalypses. Many choose to respond by changing their habits, taking safer routes, while others think self-defense.We’ve created a keychain that, in addition to being a fully functional device for keeping track of your keys, may be used for self-defense.

Designer: Anatoliy Omelchenko (United States)
Manufacturer: Anatoliy Omelchenko (United States)
Inspired By: Brooklyn
Material: Metal
Colours: White
Dimension: 115mmx65mm


New York Skyline Cup ... AGAIN

The skyline aspect of the cup puts a novel spin on the instantly recognizable New York City hallmark. The skyline is bold, distinctive and recognized the world over. Reminding us that the sky is not really the limit, the tall skyscrapers overlook the Hudson River, which unites the boroughs through which it flows.
This cup makes a perfect souvenir for tourists, travelers, collectors and anyone who fancies seeing the skyline with every sip.

Designer: Anatoliy Omelchenko (United States)
Manufacturer: Anatoliy Omelchenko (Germany)
Material: Bone China
Colours: white-ivory
Dimension: 14 OZ


iPad ear amplifier

iPad ear amplifier

Designer: Anatoliy Omelchenko
Manufacturer: Anatoliy Omelchenko
Material: Plastic
Colours: Silver


The Yin-Yan chopsticks

The Yin-Yan chopsticks are a unique both in design and method of production. Usual manufacturing methods result in tons of wasted wood chips, increasing the demand for wood. By taking an Eco-friendly approach to manufacturing, Yin-Yang chopsticks are cut so that is no wood is wasted, maximizing efficiency.

Designer: Anatoliy Omelchenko (United States)
Manufacturer: Anatoliy Omelchenko
Material: bamboo
Colours: organic


iNcense stand

iNcense allows for the combination of the aesthetic Apple products with a traditional incense burner. Made 100% out of bamboo, iNcense is an innovative incense burner stand that allows the user to place an iPhone or iPad in a slot in the base. The stand allows for a wire to connect to the device so that it can be charged while in place. The stand has three spaces for either incense sticks or tea-light candles to burn without damaging or harming the device.

Designer: Anatoliy Omelchenko (United States)
Manufacturer: Anatoliy Omelchenko (China)
Inspired By: Apple
Material: Bamboo
Colours: The natural color of bamboo
Dimension: 12x 2.75x1.55
Price: $27.00


Crop Circle Towel

Crop circles are inexplicable, curious wonders. Whether these giant formations are the work of media-savvy farmers or media-shy extraterrestrials, these mysterious towels make the perfect gift, household decoration, bath or beach towel.
Inspired by the growing green movement, these fluffy Crop Circle Towels come in three different shades of green, representing three different types of grains growing in fields.

Designer: Anatoliy Omelchenko
Manufacturer: Anatoliy Omelchenko
Inspired By: Crop Circles
Material: Textile
Colours: Forest Green Beach Towel, Green Tea Bath Towel, Green-Yellow Hand Towel
Dimension: Beach Towel 28x59, Bath Towel 28x39.5, Hand Towel 20x29.5


iBamboo Speaker

iBamboo is a natural speaker made from a single natural material, bamboo. The natural resonance of the bamboo amplifies the sound produced by the built-in speaker in the iPhone 4.

Designer: Anatoliy Omelchenko (United States)
Material: Bamboo
Colours: Native
Dimension: 3
Price: $25.00





Brooklyn, United States


Industrial Design, Art Direction, Print


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My goal is to create functionally and aesthetically simple devices that can become eco-friendly substitutes to the devices we use today. Taking the simplicity of nature, I design these objects so that they require little resource and energy to create. By optimizing the utilization of the resources, little waste is produced, and makes future recycling easier and more efficient.


Graphis, IDS, Good 50x70 and more




Currently working at

Triangle Tree, Inc.

Design is ...

something betwen Art and Science...



Triangle Tree
P.O. Box 90386
11209 Brooklyn
United States

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