Antonio Lanzillo

milano, Italy


Make way for Pantone Universe

The stylistic and technological concept projects Pantone Universe appliances of the future:revolutionary, fresh, young, simple, 2.0, intuitive, ergonomic, domotic...Each hi-tech product will have an OLED multitouch control pad in perfect Pantone style! These home appliances use domotic language offering automation and remote control, and may be coordinated with one another and operated via smartphone using dedicated software. Which home appliance brand will partner with Pantone Universe ™? Youtube video

Designer: Antonio Lanzillo & Partners (Italy)



Is a collection of children's sport bedrooms.The idea was to use design to bring the world of sport, loaded with its meanings and values, into the world of industrially-produced children's bedrooms.By randomly mixing and coordinating (random design) 5 different sports (volleyball, basketball, soccer, roller skating and motors), 11 frontal colours, 2 structure colours, 6 bed design (Sport, Banner, Race, Stencil, Base, Padded) and a series of original accessories.

Designer: Antonio Lanzillo (Italy)
Manufacturer: Faer (Italy)
Inspired By: SPORT
Material: WOOD
Colours: 11 colours
Dimension: BIG and variable dimension
Price: 2500/5000 EURO



milano, Italy






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