Bhaval Shah Bell

Washington, DC, United States


Iconic abstract map-art prints

Cartoloji map-art allows individuals to express their love for where they live, their heritage, or their travels. One can choose from several continents, countries, and cities. The prints come in a range of colors and sizes, and can be purchased print-only or framed. With the purchase of each print, customers give back to the countries they love – 10% of the sales price is automatically donated to charity projects specific to the map of the country, through the non-profit, GlobalGiving.

Designer: Bhaval Shah Bell (United States)
Manufacturer: Cartoloji (United States)
Material: Graphic design
Colours: varied - wide range
Dimension: 8
Price: $25 - $60 USD



Washington, DC, United States





Washington, DC
United States

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