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Baron - Boca do Lobo

Exclusive Luxury Safe.

Designer: André Teoman (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Boca do Lobo (Portugal)
Inspired By: Inspired in the Swiss craftamship and in the trendy Steam Punk
Material: Brass, Mahogany, Aluminium
Colours: Gold, Silver
Dimension: 102x170x45
Price: More than 60.000


Newton Console

After our Newton dining table - we conceived a console inspired by this exclusive piece of furniture. Once again, we defy the laws of physics and redesigned this monumental console made from aluminum and lacquered in black, with a high gloss varnish. The spheres and semi spheres that complete this futuristic console are gold plated. This intriguing console is ideal for any modern living rooms, bedrooms and hotel lobbies.

Designer: Marco Costa (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Boca do Lobo (Portugal)
Inspired By: Newton's Law of Gravity
Material: aluminum and lacquered in black, with a high gloss varnish and gold plated spheres
Colours: Black and Gold
Dimension: width/length: 128 cm (50 in.) depth: 48 cm (19 in.) height: 85 cm (33 in.)


Diamond Sideboard Green Emerald

With the style of a precious jewel, the new Diamond sideboard, colored in green emerald, will make a splash in interior design since it is one of the hottest color trends for 2013. the amethyst Diamond, the new sideboard also features three highly sculptured doors leading to a gold leaf interior with shelving and two drawers. The exterior of this fanciful piece is now presented in silver leaf finished with a luxurious shade of translucent green emerald with high gloss varnish.

Designer: Marco Costa (Portugal)


NEWTON dining table

We are still working hard on new challenges for artisans and designers, new techniques, materials and concepts are still being tested now it’s a “MOMENTUM”. Newton is our truly moment of inspiration, a table completed byspheres and semi spheres that joined together complete this dining table with this exquisite look. Inspired in Newton’s law of gravity, we were looking for an object capable to reflect the sphere attraction as they were joined with their mass, force and energy.

Designer: Boca do Lobo Design Studio . Marco Costa (Portugal)
Manufacturer: BOCA DO LOBO STUDIO (Portugal)
Inspired By: Inspired in Newtons law of gravity
Colours: BLACK, GOLD
Dimension: W. 260 CM | 102,3'' D. 142 CM | 55,9'' H. 78 CM | 30,7''


Eden | Coffee Table

Eden is inspired by the mystic behind the name. This center table represents a part of the tree of knowledge and the tale of the birth of desire.

Available set of 2 center tables and a side table version.

Designer: Boca do Lobo Studio (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Boca do Lobo (Portugal)
Material: Structure made in Mahogany, fully plated in polished brass with it's top delicately engraved
Colours: Options: Brushed brass, stained brass, polished copper, brushed copper, stained copper
Dimension: Big W. 162 CM | 63,78'' H. 36 CM | 14,17'' D. 112 CM | 44,09''


SOHO - Coffee Table

It's all about offering you a variety of choices for your home decor! After the huge success with Soho sideboard, Boca do Lobo has launched in two new versions a bed side table and a console. Now we are offering you a Soho coffee table to provide an exclusive ambiance to your contemporary living room.

Designer: Marco Costa (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Boca do Lobo (Portugal)


Dining Table | FORTUNA Limited Edition

A fresh contemporary dining table and a shimmering statement from Boca do Lobo. Fortuna represents the materialization of luck and fortune, a symbol of the control of life and the definiton of fate. Elegant composition of scaled brass tubes supporting the outlines of log rings in brass, related do the timelife of a tree. Available in iron and/or copper (polished, brushed or raw).

Designer: Boca do Lobo Design Studio | João Lopes (Portugal)
Inspired By: Nature . Luxury Houses
Dimension: W. 290 CM - 114,17'' H. 170 CM - 66,92'' D. 76 CM - 29,92''


Versailles Sofa by Boca do Lobo

Boca do Lobo's New Limited Edition piece takes us to the 17th century where grandeur and pageantry reigned in the French Court. Created from a long process of inspiration and dedication, this art object recreates the "Versailles Spirit." Abandoning the restrictions and rigidity imposed during the Middle Ages, it opens the way to freedom and the need for bringing extravagant creations to life.

Designer: Marco Costa (Portugal)
Manufacturer: (Portugal)
Inspired By: 17th century lifestyle
Material: resin
Dimension: W. 252CM| 98.4'' 72CM | 28.3'' D. 84.CM | 33.7''


Marie Antoinette Mirror

Marie Antoinette mirror, the newest Boca do Lobo Limited Edition capable to reflect body and soul of any interior environment. This mirror is an attitude, an historical fact and an “époque”. Inspired in the controversy Marie Antoinette and in the greatest times of the French royalty, where impressive and large-scale pieces marked the halls of Palace of Versailles and its big and luxurious parties.

Designer: Designer Marco Costa | Boca do Lobo Design Studio (Portugal)
Manufacturer: PREGGO | NO LIMITS (Portugal)
Inspired By: Inspired in the controversy Marie Antoinette
Material: wood . mirror .
Colours: Black & other
Dimension: W. 99 CM | 39,0'' H. 222 CM | 87,4'' D. 14 CM | 5,5''


Heritage Sideboard

This Heritage sideboard version present you a different number layers, were each one tell you different story. In the different layers you will find different tiles paintings inspired in different periods of Portuguese history taken from different historic buildings like convents or old colleges.

Designer: Boca do Lobo design Studio | Designer Marco Costa (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Preggo | No Limits (Portugal)
Inspired By: Portuguese Tiles
Material: Tiles . Wood . Mirror
Colours: Blue . White . Gold . Grey .
Dimension: W. 162 cm | 62,9'' H. 90 cm | 35,4'' D. 50 cm | 16,7''
Price: 15.670 (+ VAT)


Safe Box


Boca do Lobo newest Limited Edition piece a safe-box that promptly takes us to scenes strongly creased in our memory, deeply enriched by today’s visual culture.
This piece reputes a long life! Born in the beginning of the 19th century, followed the increase of bank robberies after the Gold Rush of 1849 and kept itself sacred to successive break-in attempts, remaining deformed forever.

Designer: Boca do Lobo Design Studio (Portugal)


Boca do Lobo | Palace _ Display Case

Palace display case

Boca do Lobo presents the new Coolors collection piece, PALACE, a travel back in time that carry you to a royal environment.
Inspired in the 17th century a classicism coaches, that use to carry the most important princesses in history.

Designer: Boca do Lobo Design Studio . Marco Costa (Portugal)
Manufacturer: (Portugal)
Inspired By: Inspired in the 17th century a classicism coaches
Colours: black, white, costum
Dimension: w: 137 cm | 53,9
Price: 8278



FOREST | Limited Edition

This exotic piece was inspired by nature and its forms and functions. With the intention to reinterpret the outdoors and bring it inside, the structure of this unique piece is made of wood which is then layered with stainles steel and an overlay of a stylized black lacquer branch fretwork. The base is carved from mahogany and the interior is compartmentalized with angling shelves covered in gold leaf finished with a translucent orange high gloss varnish.

Designer: Marco Costa | Design Director (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Sir Cosme (Portugal)
Inspired By: Forest
Material: Handcrafted wood and metal
Colours: Silver, Black & Red
Dimension: W. 140 cm | 54,6'' H. 160 cm | 62,4'' D. 55 cm | 21,5''


Heritage Tiles with a Tale by Boca do Lobo

Heritage Tiles with a Tale
A highly coveted ensemble of hand painted tiles like that of an expertly curate art collection, bring together master artisans and craftsmen for Boca do Lobo’s newest Limited Edition Piece – Heritage. Inspired by Portugal’s rich heritage, each tile has a tale to tell, what lies behind the doors - only time can tell.

Designer: Boca do Lobo Design (Portugal)
Manufacturer: (Portugal)
Material: ceramic
Colours: White Blue Gold
Dimension: w: 92 cm | 36,2



The method of crocheting was reinterpreted in this piece through the forging of 60kg of classic brass pulls by a local jeweler resulting in a mesh which adorns the sinuous silhouette of the piece. The solid wood frame consists of seven drawers finished with a darkened gold leaf that ensures a mystery and an elegance which contrasts with the vibrant jewel toned purple of the handles.

Designer: Boca do Lobo (Portugal)
Manufacturer: (Portugal)
Inspired By: This sensational piece was inspired by the traditional craft of crochet
Material: Wood
Colours: Gold Leaf and Purple
Dimension: w: 100 cm | 39.3 h: 113 cm | 44.4 d: 58 cm | 22.8



This stunning sideboard is composed of a collection of styles and typologies of drawers that consist of different finishes from black glass to white leather and white lacquer to miniature BL logo’s all encased in a clear glass box and supported by a high gloss white lacquer solid wood base. Many of the drawers are accented with fabric lined bottoms, and handcrafted brass pulls in a natural finish and coated in chrome.

Designer: Boca do Lobo (Portugal)
Manufacturer: (Portugal)
Material: Wood
Colours: Balck or White
Dimension: w: 186 cm | 73 d: 53 cm | 21 h: 81 cm | 32



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Lisbon, Portugal


Interior Design, Design Management


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Passion is everything!!!

OUR VISION is to understand the past and interpret it through technology and contemporary design. We use this knowledge to transfer our entire artisans wisdom into our design.


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