Caterina Tiazzoldi

torino, Italy



The Whirler is an exhilarating energy system that collects wind and transforms it for perceptive energy production. The Whirler is a three dimensional grid of Darrieus Turbines, having the ability to stimulate and challenge the visitors of the park. A wind energy system based on a vertical axis conceived to respond to the variability of Fresh Kills’ wind direction and intensity.

Designer: Caterina Tiazzoldi, Eduardo Benamor Duarte


The Social Cave

A project developed by the research lab, Non Linear Solution Unit at GSAPP in New York. The physical anonymity created by the the Social Cave allows each visitor to feel comfortable engaging in a digital and visual conversation with the projected “shadow” or “ghost” of the visitor opposite him. Thus, the Social Cave first hides and then exposes the proximity and identity of its visitors, allowing a conversation to begin that transcends traditional digital physical boundaries.

Designer: Caterina Tiazzoldi (Italy)
Manufacturer: (Italy)
Inspired By: the digital age
Material: 100% foam cubes
Colours: grey


Illy Temporary Shop

The concept is conceived for a reconfigurable store, characterized by different modulations of a single element, a “cube” which is 45x45cm-squared base. The shop is created by 200 cubes and specifically designed to adapt to different dimensional composition of Illy Café products.
Design: Caterina Tiazzoldi
Team: Lorenza Croce, Federico Rizzo, Roberta Musso, Alessio Primavera, Monica Pianosi, Mauro Fassino, Zsofia Ujhelyi with Illy Art Direction
Photos: Luca Campigotto, Federico Rizzo

Designer: Caterina Tiazzoldi (Italy)
Manufacturer: Illy Café (Italy)
Colours: white, red



Laminated wood

Designer: Caterina Tiazzoldi (Italy)
Manufacturer: Caterina Tiazzoldi (Italy)
Inspired By: Alice in wonderland
Material: laminated wood
Colours: all
Dimension: 90, 130
Price: 300, 450 euros



bill board for business center derived from a parametric application

Designer: caterina tiazzoldi (Italy)
Material: resin
Colours: white


napping pods

napping pods
team andrea balzano monica pianosi

Designer: caterina tiazzoldi (Italy)
Inspired By: longo
Material: steel


Onion Pinch

A Cork installation placed in the cais do sodre subway station.
The variation of shape derive from the displacement of a single bolt controlling also each profile rigidity. Once placed in the subway station the Onions became a real urban toy where children would stop to play. Photo Sebastiano Pellion (team T. Branquino, L. Croce, M. Fassino, K. Seaman)

Designer: c tiazzoldi e benamor duarte (United States)
Manufacturer: amorin cork composite
Material: cork



An adaptable chair in felt and fiber glass presented at experimenta design 09.
Design: Caterina Tiazzoldi and Eduardo Benamor Duarte
team: T.Branquinho, M. Fassino. K. Seaman
pictures: Sebastiano Pellion di Persano

Designer: c. tiazzoldi e. benamor duarte
Manufacturer: Politrofa Pastofa (Portugal)
Material: felt fiber glass
Colours: grey
Price: 2000


Onion Pinch

The Installation Onion Pinch: Digital Primitive # 2 - Experimenta Design09 in the Subway station of Cais do Sodre
The design is processed through the transformation of a same component - a sheet of cork arranged as an "onion ring". Shape transformations occur by literally pinching the cork with a bolt
Design: C. Tiazzoldi – E. Benamor Duarte
team: T. Branquinho, L. Croce, M. Fassino, K. Seaman
foto: Sebastiano Pellion

Designer: c. tiazzoldi e. benamor duarte (Italy)
Manufacturer: amorin cork composite (Portugal)
Material: different type of cork
Colours: various



torino, Italy


Architecture, Interior Design





GSAPP Columbia University
Politecnico di Torino


Minimousse 4 Cite' Chaillot Paris,
The Social Cave in the context of the exibith 50 + 50 Designing the Future Honor Guest Salone Satellite Curator Marva Griffin




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