Damian Kozlik

Wroclaw, Poland



It's blend of watch and trendy wristband. Perforated rubber belt and casing form a seamless whole. Watch display is compounded from leds. It shows time or date. There are also extruded modify buttons on sides of the casing. They are intended to set time and date.

Designer: Damian Kozlik (Poland)



Metal ready to assemble wine rack.

Designer: Damian Kozlik (Poland)



LEAF is an injection-moulded polycarbonate chair designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Designer: Damian Kozlik (Poland)
Inspired By: leaf shape
Material: polycarbonate



Chair inspired by the crop circles phenomenon. It's made of wood with leather covered seat and backrest cushions.

Designer: Damian Kozlik (Poland)
Inspired By: crop circles phenomenon
Material: wood and leather


Fenix chair

Frame of the chair can be made from bent wood, cast iron or aluminium. Seat and backrest are leather covered.

Designer: Damian Kozlik (Poland)


Fenix table

Diner table that can be made from bent wood, cast iron or aluminium (frame). The table top is wooden.

Designer: Damian Kozlik (Poland)


X - watch

"X - watch" is universal and integrating L.E.D. timepiece. It can be used by sighted and blind people. Watch case and straps can be made of rubber. Dial is compounded of Leds. Mechanism of the watch (IC board) is placed under them. How blind people can use it? It's simple. It's just to move a finger along the graduated watch glass. There are extruded Braille numbers. When a person touches highlighted panel hears a sound.

Designer: Damian Kozlik (Poland)



It is a shelf system consists from prefabricated elements. Customer decides how much to extend it. I suggest MDF or wood as a material. Connections can be made of metal or plastic.

Designer: Damian Kozlik (Poland)



Iga chair. This project is inspired by origami art. There are special places in arms of the chair. It's possible to put some magazines or books there. I propose polypropylene as a material.

Designer: Damian Kozlik (Poland)



This project is addressed mainly to young people. They want to decide about look of their items. I wanted to take a chance for that. I designed acrylic chair. There is an empty space between layers. It's possible to put there posters of the favourite band, actor or even family photos. User creates very personal and unique piece of furniture.

Designer: Damian Kozlik (Poland)



Wroclaw, Poland






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