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Damiano Gonnelli

Greve in Chianti (FIRENZE), Italy



Construction toy made of recycled wood with fasteners on sale at hobby shops

Designer: Damiano Gonnelli (Italy)
Manufacturer: Goennelli (Italy)
Inspired By: old board game in zoo
Material: wood
Colours: natural
Dimension: 20x15x5
Price: 20,00


furniture modular for children

kidscode is a modular-modular design for the nursery.
It starts from a basic element - the sitting.
Resolve several functions. In particular, the system solves the problems of organizing the space, through the proposal of book-shelves and closets.
You can also create some configurations the game as the platform for the theater and the tunnel ...etc...

Designer: Damiano Gonnelli (Italy)


lampada a led

Lamp body formed by a Plexiglas illuminating and light led projector base in various forms

Designer: Damiano Gonnelli (Italy)
Manufacturer: (Italy)


Sedia pieghevole Irene

The folding chair "Irene" was born from the joint that allows movement. First I chose a "pattern of movement" of the existing chairs. The joint is a kind of "knee" in two halves. In fact its open form allows him to engage in the structure of aluminum tubes of the chair.
Thus, the chair can be 'open and close. The seat is in colored plastic as the back. E 'a chair that lends itself to use temporary and once put out of the way.

Designer: Damiano Gonnelli (Italy)
Manufacturer: Prototype (Italy)



Greve in Chianti (FIRENZE), Italy


Interior Design, Exhibition Design





Isia Firenze



Strada in Chianti (Firenze)
via zanobi 10
50027 Greve in Chianti (FIRENZE)

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