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Ralston & Bau

Dale i Sunnfjord, Norway



Shroom is an outdoor light fixture and furniture series with an unique detection system that reacts to movement. “We wanted to create a lighting adapted to the life and needs in Nordic cities, close to nature and with long dark nights during the winter, say the designers.” The light dims to a 10 % light strength, if nobody is in its proximity and when someone passes by, Shroom smoothly brightens to full luminosity, lighting up the path. This is both energy-saving and avoiding light pollution.

Designer: Ralston & Bau (Norway)
Manufacturer: SaintLuc (France)
Material: Linen composite, Aluminium, Painted steel, LED, PMMA


Storehagen Atrium Signage

Storehagen Atrium is a 5000 m2 large governmental building in Norway and Ralston & Bau was chosen to design the signage. The selected design is using the simplicity and clarity of underground signage systems. Characteristic subway lines are used all through the signage with strong colors and graphical shapes dedicated to each floor and institution. Designed following the principles of Universal design they make it easy for any user, like persons with visual impairment, to find their way.

Designer: Ralston & Bau (Norway)
Manufacturer: FluorLux (Norway)
Inspired By: underground signage systems


Hagen Flagship Showroom

Norway’s leading stair producer, Hagen, chose Ralston & Bau to transform an old 1000 m2 big tramway garage in Skøyen, Oslo to create it’s flagship showroom. The concept is inspired by the works of the artist M. C. Escher, who used stairs as a major subject in his art. The designers played with the product dimensions and gave each stair a fitting surrounding with individually styled rooms, so the whole “Stair Garden” is an invitation to discover the product in a human environment.

Designer: Ralston & Bau (Norway)


Identity Paris

The theatrical influence from the interior design of the “Sous les Cerisiers” restaurant is continued in the development of the visual identity. A traditional textile costume clasp with soft, natural curves was the inspiration for the logo. The menu cards soft golden paper follows up the costume idea: through pre-punched holes a delicate ribbon bound the changeable menu sheets inside. Each menu uses a different style of classical theatre costume ribbon.

Designer: Ralston & Bau (Norway)


Sous les Cerisiers

"Sous les Cerisiers" (under the cherry trees) is the latest restaurant design by Ralston & Bau, an intimate space that is dedicated to a balanced fusion of Japanese & French gastronomy. Both cultures have influenced the theatrical interior concept: the classic opera & geisha cultures can be seen in the scenographic layers, costumes and shadows. Dark & light spaces divide the room, while moveable and translucent walls separate the seating areas for privacy.

Designer: Ralston & Bau (Norway)


The House of Food in Stavanger

Ralston & Bau was commissioned by Figgjo to make a permanent installation in the The House of Food in Stavanger. A central wall that runs three flights high was transformed into a generous, vertical feast table. Combined iconic Figgjo dishes form plates & bowls, the wall covers an innovative laminated wood material simulating a table cloth. The wood was engraved with shapes of silver ware & glasses, while a classic chair backrest on the wall top completes the illusion of the vertical table.

Designer: Ralston & Bau (Norway)
Manufacturer: (Norway)


Ståltrådlysestake (steel wire candle holder)

Handmade series of candle holders out of old Fretex lamp shades. Only strong lines form the shape, seeking simplicity.

Designer: Ralston & Bau (Norway)
Manufacturer: Ralston & Bau (Norway)


Tekannelampe (tea pot light)

Handmade series made out of inspiring Fretex objects - old tea pots, garden pottery, bowls & lamp shades. The cable flows out from the spout, while the handle invites to carry your lamp around.

Designer: Ralston & Bau (Norway)
Manufacturer: Ralston & Bau (Norway)


The Other Side

The concept development and design of this former Finmark caravan park has transformed it into an internationally acclaimed luxury resort and the first Norwegian member of Design Hotels TM. The Other Side is inspired by the local Samé culture, the sport of dog mushing and the ornamental richness of nearby Russia. Twelve Element Houses are positioned in groups of 3, providing private housing. Each are designed following the elements of the Samé culture; wind, fire and water.
Under development.

Designer: Ralston & Bau (Norway)


Transplant ...growing ideas

Transplant is a design and business centre which allows you to go from idea to final concept without wasting time. A creative platform with room for exhibitions, seminars and meetings, a place for small and grand occasions alike. Our tools for design and product development – the material library and the prototype workshop - are unique resources at your disposal. Transplant is an invitation to meet, discover, think, sense and be surprised.

Designer: Ralston & Bau (Norway)
Manufacturer: /





Dale i Sunnfjord, Norway


Interior Design, Industrial Design, Packaging




Human Environment Design

Ralston & Bau is an office with broad design experience. They form products, furniture and interiors, and often the whole visual profiling. Calling their work human environment design, they point out their inspiration and responsability; to make new things and bring them into peoples lives.



N-6963 Dale i Sunnfjord

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