Doreen Westphal

Eindhoven, Netherlands


Concrete Textile Furniture

“Concrete Textile” objects from very thinly rolled sheets of textured concrete, treating this traditionally solid industrial material as though it were fabric. The furniture pieces can be used as a low coffee table or side table. These hollow pieces appear deceptively airy and fine – but they are in fact extremely robust. The inside surfaces feature patterned white cement while the outside texture is rough, raw and grey-coloured.

Designer: Doreen Westphal (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Doreen Westphal Studio (Netherlands)
Inspired By: the concrete innovations of G.tecz
Material: concrete
Colours: various
Dimension: various
Price: 450 euro


Magnetic Tube Lamp

The “Magnetic Tube Lamp” has a sculptural base made of delicately textured poured concrete, and is embedded with magnets to support a tube with an eco-friendly 12cm halogen bulb at the end of it. Doreen Westphal: “I create products that seem quite obvious, yet magic. So my designs might be completely comprehensible and transparent in how they are made; however, you also realise that what you are looking at normally can't be done... and so it must be magic!”

Designer: Doreen Westphal (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Doreen Westphal Studio (Netherlands)
Inspired By: the power of neodym magnets
Material: concrete, magnets, steel, lamp amature
Colours: various
Dimension: 150 cm high
Price: 480 euro


Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers

Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers is a delicate, sculptural lamp, made from Ultra High Performance Concrete (Quantz), and based on the first weather forecast following the fall of Hosni Mubarak. The lamp metaphorically presents Doreen Westphal’s vision uniting ecology and politics in strong esthetic design. The lamp is part of the collection Concrete & Detailed, which consists of ceramic concrete products all made from Quantz.

Designer: Doreen Westphal (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Doreen Westphal Design BV (Netherlands)
Inspired By: The events in Egypt
Material: Cocncrete (Quantz), metal
Colours: grey
Dimension: 45cm x 30cm x 2.50m
Price: 1600 Euro


Concrete Vase Gold leave

Concrete Vase exhibits all the qualities of a new generation concrete: Ceramic Concrete. The object is light, smooth and detailed. The design connects with both nature and culture, coating a straight geometrical form with an organic, ornamental texture.

Designer: Doreen Westphal (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Doreen Westphal Design BV (Netherlands)
Material: concrete (Quantz), gold leave
Colours: grey, gold
Dimension: 12x28
Price: 145 Euro


Concrete Lace

Concrete Lace exploits the unique characteristics of an architectural object that combines craftsmanship with modern technology.
Applications include gauzes for hotels, auditoriums and public buildings, window treatment or room dividers for private homes, decorative interior and exterior wall coverings, visual dividers for large spaces – from restaurants to parking garages – or sculptural elements for urban gardens.
Concrete Lace can be customized to any size, application and atmosphere.

Designer: Doreen Westphal (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Doreen Westphal (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Old lace patterns
Material: Quantz
Colours: various
Dimension: 320*75cm
Price: 650 euro


Concrete Mug

Concrete mug design project was accompanied by an environmental analyses ( comparing the object with the same mug made from ceramics. Major result was that it takes more then 50 times of the energy to produce the same mug from ceramics.

Designer: Doreen Westphal (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Doreen Westphal (Netherlands)
Material: Quantz
Colours: various
Dimension: 8*8cm
Price: 39 euro





Eindhoven, Netherlands


Interior Design, Fashion/Apparel


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The work of Doreen Westphal is critical, poetical, effective and beautiful. Inspired by architecture and science she is committed to make products that help envision another, better future. Each step in the cycle from base material to production process to consumption should be considered to contribute to a world that is fair and lasting.


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