Dumitrescu Diana

bucharest, Romania



Dry powder asthma inhaler
The small size of the device it makes it easier to handle and storage.
The twist+ website and application allows you to manage your asthma more easily.
And in case you forgot your inhaler at home the application will remind you and it will keep your doctor posted about your health.

Designer: Diana Dumitrescu (Romania)



Geometric Design. Light concept.
Prisma is a minimal shaped light collection, made of pendant, wall and floor lamp.
It's light get's amplified thanks to the mirrored surface found inside.
By adjusting the triangle planes you can change the direction of the casted light.

Designer: Diana Dumitrescu (Romania)
Manufacturer: (Romania)
Colours: Multiple colours


Vampire Winny, glucose meter for children

Meet Vampire Winny, the cutest wireless glucose meter for children
It's really easy to use, insert the blood strip, place your finger inside his mouth, push slowly to activate the finger pricker and touch the strip to get the analyzing process going. The data will be sent to your smart-phone.
The smart-phone application is essentially a tamagotchi.
A digital pet that needs to be cared for and in return takes care of your health.

Designer: Dumitrescu Diana (Romania)
Manufacturer: (Romania)
Material: Plastic
Colours: the colors are adjustable.


POOP lamp

POOP lamp, totally not just another crappy gift ! With it's remarkable ambient poop light, you can add a spot of color to your desk. Make everyone envy your fine taste in light fixtures. The lamp comes in a neat metal package that matches the color of the product inside. The fixture is made of soft foam that lets the light shine thru.

Designer: Diana D umitrescu (Romania)
Material: soft foam


Black Light

Geometric Design. Ambient Light.
By using free-form curves, surfaces and volumes I wanted to represent the concept of a basic shape transformed in a complex structure.Having a black bulb instead of a regular one adds a detail that makes a big difference in the interpretation of the the final product.

Designer: Diana Dumitrescu (Romania)
Colours: Black



Tensio is an electronic blood pressure reading bracelet designed to keep tabs on your vital signs without appearing to be an medic-alert device. The core is cushioned with inflatable foam to take the reading and results appear on a display or through a tactile, braille surface. In case of emergencies, Tensio can wirelessly call for help

Designer: Dumitrescu Diana (Romania)
Material: soft rubber at the exterior , inside is made of foam that inflates
Colours: the colors are adjustable.



bucharest, Romania


Industrial Design, 3-D Modeling, Interaction Design


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