Emily Gunning

United Kingdom


MonsterMake MetaMorphasuit MotherShape

1: A basic shape; soft to touch and hold, with attachments which are capable of holding soft or hard items, allowing the user to create hybrid toys.
2: The appearance of this suit can be transformed by stuffing the inner pockets causing it to morph, or by adding other components using the provided attachments.
3: Children can play in this, using their imagination to customise it, turning it into anything. This can also be drawn on with dry-wipe pens.

Designer: Emily Gunning



Designer: Products, theories, concepts


United Kingdom


Industrial Design


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Yanko Design : July 2011
Blueprint, ICON : February 2011
idfx, FX, Designer, Furniture Production, Furniture Journal : January 2011
Stylus Online : September 2010


'The Art of Childsplay' New Brewery Arts : July-September 2011
'Class of 2010' Hub National Centre for Craft & Design : October 2010-January 2011
New Designers Part II : July 2010



United Kingdom

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