Fabian Gatermann

Munich, Germany


Light Installation Metro Station LUMINALE Festival

During the light festival of Frankfurt (Luminale 18-23 March 2018) the artist Fabian Gatermann (*1984) transforms the metro station „Schweizer Platz“ into a light installation called City Light Charts.

Designer: Fabian Gatermann (Germany)
Manufacturer: Fabian Gatermann X Ströer X Beschriftungswerk
Material: Light Foil Print
Colours: All
Dimension: 180 cm auf 120cm
Price: tba


k101 handcrafted motorcycle

The k101 is a handcrafted motorcycle project by Impuls aka Philipp Wulk and Matthias Pittner in collaboration with the artists Fabian Gatermann and Matthias Edlinger. Based on the BMW K100 the team manufactured two unique and essential motorcycles with the artists. Through the complete new interpretation of the bike in terms of appearance and the custom manufactured parts both motorbikes become iconic and minimal artwork itself.

Designer: P. Wulk, M. Pittner, F. Gatermann, M. Edlinger (Germany)
Manufacturer: Impuls (Germany)
Inspired By: Fabian Gatermann and Matthias Edlinger
Price: on request


MoodPoem - limited and exclusive wall-light

MoodPoem is a limited and exclusive wall-light that combines art, light and design into a poetic unity. Through an innovative optical light principle, combining additive and subtractive light mixture, MoodPoem creates color environments and a new experience of light.

Designer: Fabian Gatermann (Germany)
Manufacturer: MoodPoem (Germany)
Inspired By: art installation Fabian Gatermann
Material: Glass, Aluminium, LED, TouchPad, MoodPoem App 230V.
Colours: black, white, Aluminium
Dimension: 50 Inch diameter | 106cm to 73,5cm | 35mm depth
Price: starting from 3445,38


The cube room cologne

The cube room - the cube room is a concept room by Fabian Gatermann based on colored cubes for an Design Hostel called Die Wohngemeinschaft in Cologne, Germany.

Designer: Fabian Gatermann M.Sc. (Germany)



Munich, Germany


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Hello my friend, thanks for visiting me

Where others might see rubbish, garbage and trash, I can see art, surfaces, colors, possibilities and I need to start exploring. I work with abrasive paper, slide frames, body fluids, kinesio tapes, stamps and other unusual materials. I want to explore material and structures beyond surface and find new dimensions in my process. My process starts with diving into the material to understand the essence and appearance of it first. I need to touch, try, destroy, analyse, synthesise and force errors. This is the reason why the process can carry me somewhere different. Why do we junk abrasive paper after we have used it, instead of using it as a new image carrier that is able to work with real material? Why do we think photography is the most efficient way of portraying ourselves insteadof using our own body fluids? Why can a motorcycle not tell a story about how it is made and add new aesthetics to bike culture? Who needs the line between artists and designers anyway?



Zielstattstraße 17
81379 Munich

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