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Canadian way of brewing coffee, one cup at a time.

Designer: Mani Mani (Canada)
Manufacturer: Fishtnk Design Factory (Canada)
Inspired By: Wood
Material: Maple, Walnut and Cherry wood
Colours: Natural
Dimension: 4.5
Price: $45


Owl - the smart light

Owl; the smart light is a pendant light with light sensors, energy efficient LED bulbs and a multi-platform smart phone App. Owl the smart light comes with an App for IPhone, Android and Blackberry to control the colour temperature and intensity. The control interface could be accessed from smart phones with any operating system or a personal computer through a web browser.

Designer: Mani Mani (Canada)
Manufacturer: Fishtnk Design Factory (Canada)
Inspired By: Fun palace
Material: Walnut veneer, plywood + WIFI microcontrollers
Colours: Walnut, White washed and solid tones
Dimension: 40 X 150 X 600 mm
Price: not published yet


Cortical Chair

Cortical Chair is the first piece of Fishtnk's latest furniture collection based on research with SPM [Studio for Progressive Modeling] from Yolles Group on structural optimization in furniture design.

Designer: Mani Mani + Dan Hambleton (Canada)
Manufacturer: Fishtnk Design Factory (Canada)
Inspired By: Bones, turtle shell, Tortoise Internal skeleton
Material: Aluminum, Walnut, Birch
Colours: Walnut Brown
Dimension: 600x900x950
Price: CAD$4600


Double-Dip Bench

Double-Dip Bench is a unique bench and storage designed by Fishtnk. The frame is made with Birch ply-wood and the felt cushion weaves itself through the frame to create an adjustable storage component suspended from the structure.
The Double-Dip Bench is hand-made at Fishtnk’s Parkdale studio in Toronto Canada. The cushion is made with 100% carbonized high grade wool [felt] and is available in customizable colors.

Designer: Mani Mani (Canada)
Manufacturer: fishtnk (Canada)
Inspired By: the Bookseat, Le Corbusier
Material: Plywood + Felt + Leather [limited edition]
Colours: Green, Orange, Maroon, Red,
Price: CAD$ 720


Tunable Sound Cloud

Tunable Sound Cloud is a responsive architectural application that allows for real-time modification and enhancement of acoustic performance of space. TSC focuses on our auditory experience of architecture.
Designed with a responsive modular structure and interactive smart surface.
Interfaced through Grasshopper/Rhino 3D modeling tool + Max/MSP software.
Actuated with Arduino micro-controllers/geared motors + SMA wires.

Designer: Mani Mani (Canada)
Manufacturer: fishtnk (Canada)
Inspired By: Western Classical Music history
Material: Acrylic, Wood, SMA, Felt, Microcontrollers
Colours: Orange, White, Black
Dimension: Modular


Vessel Chair by Fishtnk

Vesel chair is a prototype of a mass-customized furniture collection, by Fishtnk design solutions.

Designer: Mani Mani (Canada)
Manufacturer: Fishtnk (Canada)
Inspired By: Bloodvessels, Voronoi tesselation patterns, Ross Lovegrove
Material: Plywood, Fiberglass, resin
Colours: Red, Translucent
Dimension: 600X750X850mm


Bungeeseat by Fishbol

The Bungeeseat revisits René Herbst's Chaise Sandows, but adds a contemporary twist by using today's aesthetics and conscience in material selection. The frame is constructed from bamboo plywood and locally manufactured bungee cords. The Bungeeseat kit fabricated in Fishbol's Toronto studio, comes in customizable accent colors and bungee cords. The ready-to-assemble (RTA) chair is sold in a neatly designed package. The Bungeeseat is in limited production by Fishbol available at

Designer: Mani Mani (Canada)
Manufacturer: Fishbol (Canada)


Three by Fishbol Design Atelier

"Three" is Fishbol's latest product to be launched at Toronto IDS09. Using negative space as a design element, it frames three hollow cushions to become a chair.

Designer: Fishbol Design Atelier - Mani Mani (Canada)
Manufacturer: Fishbol (Canada)



Bookseat, a simple bookcase that playfully curves and becomes a seat, is a creative design responding to the multifunctional usage of space in today's urban living. Noted as one of the "ten must sees" at Toronto Interior Design Show 2008, the Toronto based design-duo Fishbol Design Atelier, focuses on inhabitation in transmodern architecture as a base for their design. This piece is manufactured with bent plywood and available with a felt cushion in customizable colors. Bookseat will be available in Spring 2008.

Designer: Fishbol Design Atelier



Thornhill, Canada


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