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A beautifully crafted object, the COAT HANGER FRUIT BOWL is made of conventional crescent coat hangers. It is part of the DESIGN MUSEUM collections in London.

Designer: Florian Kremb (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: AMPLIFIER (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: coat hangers
Material: plain wooden crescent coat hangers
Dimension: 40 cm dia x 10 cm



This vinyl wall-sticker in the shape of the back of a chair marks the spot, where to stack up your magazines or newspapers and gradually becomes your STACK CHAIR.

Designer: Florian Kremb (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: AMPLIFIER (Germany)
Inspired By: stacks of newspapaers and mags on the floor
Material: vinyl sticker
Colours: matte black
Dimension: 36 x 78 cm
Price: £25.00



The TRIPOD SHELVING is a media store that is flexible and movable. The non-directional nature and stability of a tripod form the perfect base for a sculptural shelving system that can be placed anywhere in a room. Individually sized boxes can be stacked onto the tripod in many variations and rotational angles.

Designer: Florian Kremb (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: tripods


Champagne Cork Coat Hook

The Champagne Cork Coat Hook is a product made from champagne corks, ready to be screwed into the wall. It comes beautifully packaged in a jewellery box with a plug and a unique label and serial number.
Not only is the shape of a champagne cork perfect for hanging a coat or jacket, it also is a unique memorable object from a special celebratory occasion.

Designer: AMPLIFIER (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: AMPLIFIER (United Kingdom)
Material: champagne cork
Colours: natural cork
Dimension: 30x30x70 (mm)
Price: £15



London, United Kingdom


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AMPLIFIER is the London-based design studio by Florian Kremb.
Florians fresh way of looking at things has generated a diverse range of compelling and commercially successful ideas for both national and international clients in the field of Product, Furniture and Graphic Design and his own collection of AMPLIFIER products.


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Goldsmiths College

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