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Porto, Portugal



Pendura is a coat stand with a minimalistic approach and a very marked functional character. Where has room for coats, accessories and looks perfect on any wall!

Designer: Mendes&Macedo (Portugal)
Material: Solid Oak


Tres Stool

Três Stool has 3 sides, 3 legs, but many forms of fit that adapts to any person and posture. The imagination is the limit.
It is a modular stool with cork material, portuguese noble material, the seat is supported by a touch of color and fun!

Designer: Filipa Mendes and Gustavo Macedo (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Galula Product Studio (Portugal)
Price: 94,00



Glint is the perfect combination of two parts, a portable point of light with magnetic points that connect to the surfaces designed to contain the light or other small object from everyday life, books, magazines, keys … Glint magnetizes to all iron surfaces.

Designer: Filipa Mendes, Gustavo Macedo - Galula (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Galula Product Studio (Portugal)


Woody Chair

Woody is a chair with a simple design, functional and ergonomic, to which was added an asset: the illustration. To this propose, Galula links itself with illustrators, each one with his own identity, who make this chair go beyond the functional.

Ilustrators / ByeByeHome / Marta Veludo / M la Fu / Rui Vitorino Santos

Designer: Filipa Mendes, Gustavo Macedo (Portugal)
Manufacturer: (Portugal)
Material: Steamed beech Matte varnish finish
Price: 194,00



Porto, Portugal


Industrial Design, 3-D Modeling


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Rua da Picaria 36 1º esq.
4050-477 Porto

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