Jelmer Moorman

Eindhoven, Netherlands



Flowerseat is a friendly pot who invites you to sit outsite. Use the lid to turn your pot into a seat and enjoy the moment. Saving space on small balconies which otherwise get cluttered with big pieces of furniture.

Designer: jelmer moorman (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: jelmer moorman (Netherlands)
Material: poly propylene
Colours: multi
Dimension: 38cm diameter, 48cm hight



Vertico is a slim and tall lamp which can be shaped by the user. The blades and the lamp are two separate parts which only function when they are together. The lamp gets his energy from the blades and the blades are shaped by placing the lamp in between them. By moving the lamp and the clamp up or down you reshape the Vertico lamp and vary the amount of 'open light'.

Designer: Jelmer Moorman (Netherlands)
Material: pmma aluminium
Colours: translucent white



With this bathroom mixer tap you can change temperature by moving the water. Turn the knob to let the water run. Next, you determine the temperature by moving the slide to the right or left. This new way of temperature control is accurate, intuitive and gives an extra dimension to the use of water.
to see ik work watch: Vimeo

Designer: Jelmer Moorman (Netherlands)
Material: Corian, Stainless steel
Colours: white


Dark Light

thealight holders with lamp aspirations. Made from shade steel, they give a bright reflexion and surprising shadow.The dark lights come in 3 versions: straight, curved and wobble.

Designer: Jelmer Moorman (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Present Time (Netherlands)
Inspired By: calimero
Material: metal
Dimension: 6x10.5x10.5 cm



Eindhoven, Netherlands






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