Joana Magalhães Francisco

Lisbon, Portugal


Take Ten

A chair made of only ten pieces that fit together by themselves, without using glue or screws. Performed in a single material, birch plywood, Take Ten is designed to optimize the construction process and manufacturing.The concept of Take Ten also come from the English expression take five, meaning five minute break. If the pause is five minutes, this is also the expected time required to assemble the chair, so the ten minutes making certain the name of Take Ten.

Designer: Joana Magalhães Francisco (Portugal)
Material: birch plywood
Colours: brown
Dimension: W 533 x D 500 x H 920 mm


The Spider from Mars

Combining form, function, comfort, detail and aesthetics.This chair aims to become the Rock ‘n’ roll star for a living room or other family space, where it will impose its arachnid inspired design, through its generous dimensions and inherent comfort, which is evident at a first glance.This chair and its natural extension, the Ottoman, come from reflecting on the autonomy of furniture. It is a chair with an autonomous presence, which sets itself, never forgetting the ergonomic and comfort roles.

Designer: Joana Magalhães Francisco (Portugal)
Material: birch plywood for the chair seat and the ottoman footrest, and cherry wood for the legs
Colours: brown
Dimension: chair: W 1300 x D 615 x H 930 mm | Ottoman: W 848 x D 540 x H 450 mm




Designer: Joana Magalhães Francisco (Portugal)
Inspired By: Lone Ranger Stalion
Material: steel
Colours: chrome
Dimension: W 500 x D 500 x H 700 mm


Egg shel

It's an egg with draws to figure in your house, if it were a nest. It's a backup storage for your living room.

Designer: Joana Magalhães Francisco (Portugal)
Material: wood or other recicled material like paper
Dimension: 1000 x 500 mm



System that guides visual impaired people (either blind or with low vision) in their supermarket shopping activities.

It informs where the products are and conveys the relevant information - product description and price - to the users. It has a hearing device and a hand-sensor to scan the different products, and is connected trought a wireless system to the main computer of the supermarket.

Designer: Joana Magalhães Francisco
Material: medical silicone
Colours: blue, yellow, green



Lusa is a set of dishes for oven / table, a concept that has as simplicity, functionality and dynamism. This set contains 14 pieces, they all fit together so as to occupy the smallest space possible. The lids also work as roasters thus doubling the number of pieces of the set.

Designer: Joana Magalhães Francisco
Material: stoneware
Colours: white, black
Dimension: W 400 D 400 H 200



Câmbio is designed to integrate the urban space. It is a modular couch that allows multiple conjugations. It is made of polyethylene, micronized. Allows one to sit more versatile in that we can both sit on one side or the other. Can also be integrated into interior spaces. It can be iluminated to, transforming it into an urban lamp.

Designer: Joana Magalhães Francisco
Inspired By: Urban couch
Material: polyethylene, micronized
Colours: white, red, orange, green


Black Magic Women


Designer: Joana Magalhães Francisco (Portugal)
Material: black lacquer wood, steel, wood
Colours: black and brown


People's Republic of Vinaigrette (PRV)

The People's Republic of Vinaigrette is an object for those who love vinaigrette on their salad but never want to bother much preparing it. This kitchenware utensil was designed to pour the right amount of vinegar and oil. You aren't even required to have any political views at all! So, use it and abuse it in your meals at home or bring PRV wherever you go.Made of black stoneware, the cruet opens with two hands like if you were breaking an egg.

Designer: Joana Magalhães Francisco (Portugal)
Inspired By: anyone can make a vinaigrette
Material: Stoneware, steel
Colours: black
Dimension: W 150 x D 50 x H 50 mm





Lisbon, Portugal


Industrial Design, Interior Design, 3-D Modeling


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Born in Lisbon, Portugal, 1984.

She has been freelancingin in U.Design Studio, entering in design competitions. She's also developing projects in fine art photography, and preparing her first solo exhibition. Had experience as a designer on several companys such as, CCA Cozinhas, Fripaivas, Marta Wengorovius Studio, Rotoport, Tela Bags, U.Design Studio. Lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal.


(present) PhD in Design at Faculdade de Arquitectura de Lisboa
Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies

Organizations & Network,!/profile.php?id=1051525441,


two design merit of Hot Designers 2010 competition


Casa Cláudia magazine, #266, year 21, March 2010 edition, p30-32.; DIF Magazine #74, Expresso journal October 2010

DIF magazine, #74, May 2010 edition, p23.


M.A.DE. - Mostra Anual de Design, 2007,Lisbon, Portugal

O Chiado tem a maior exposição fotográfica do mundo, 2010, Lisbon, Portugal


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