José de la O Campos

Mexico City, Mexico


Hang the Lightning Necklace

I came out with this idea while thinking a cheap way to produce my “Light-bolt Coat Hanger”. I designed some light-bolts in different shapes, with different graphics and made them laser cut in a sheet of plastic with a metallic finish. As “Light-bolt Coat Hanger” this design is inspired in rock music

Designer: José de la O (Mexico)
Manufacturer: MPulso (Mexico)


Sacred Heart

Mexico is a very religious country, and the icon of the Sacred Heart is one of the
most catholic related icons. It is even used in a lot of tattoos in Mexican-american culture. I wanted to do an iconic religious
object, but taking away the catholic connotation, to re-define it in a pretty novelty object. The Sacred Heart has 3
icons that represent the Crucifixion Of Jesus : The crown of thorns, a bleeding sore and a flame

Designer: José de la O (Mexico)
Manufacturer: José de la O (Mexico)



Mexico City, Mexico





Mexico City

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