MODEK dj furniture

Madrid, Spain


Club PRO

Design with two different finishes to meet the needs for a great DJ workstation. PRO finish, where you can check your dj device fully integrated into the workstation, you can choose the position of the turntable battle or classic. Adapt their mixers and cd player.If you want DJ equipment goes undetected choose, DELUXE finish. Your guests will not know what is inside of the workstation to not remove the cap that covers your DJ equipment. This workstation is what you need great DJ.

Designer: Modek TM (Spain)
Manufacturer: Modek TM (Spain)
Inspired By: Modek TM
Material: MDF
Colours: Caltalog RAL
Dimension: 1850mm width x 600mm depth x 900 to 1150mm Height to choose.
Price: 1495 (18% VAT + Laptop clip + Shipping to Europe: Including.)



Furniture lcd and led television for up to 42" and dvd. Finishing in white lacquer.
Mounting Easy in KIT.
Optional: Other colors and measures to choose from.

Designer: MÖDEK design (Spain)
Manufacturer: MÖDEK design (Spain)
Inspired By: MÖDEK design
Material: MDF
Colours: white
Dimension: 1500mm x 450mm x 1000mm.
Price: 1500


Dj furniture CXT pro

Module for 2 turntable or cd's and mixer. Also laptop with support, not included. Internal capacity for 500 vinyls and several modules hi-fi. Finishing this model in white lacquer RAL 9010. Easy mounting KIT. To send mail with the measurements of your dj equipment. Weight approx. 70 kg. Shipping vailable in 10-15 days

Designer: MÖDEK dj furniture (Spain)
Manufacturer: MÖDEK dj furniture (Spain)
Inspired By: MÖDEK dj furniture
Material: MDF
Colours: white
Dimension: 1500mm x 450mm x 800mm.
Price: 799


Dj Furniture Club deluxe

Finish CLUB Deluxe, has a top cover of the same color to cover the team, making it much more aesthetically pleasing and avoiding dust accumulation.Both have a hole in one of its supports to pass all the connection cables without being seen.The assembly is easy 3-piece kit.Options: Decorations vinyl exclusive. Your logo in brackets with light. Laptop support.LED RGB Lighting in brackets with hole. Shipping vailable, consult.

Designer: Jose Perez Manzanal (Spain)
Manufacturer: Mödek Dj furniture (Spain)
Inspired By: Mödek
Material: MDF & WOOD
Colours: Color choice at no cost. High gloss lacquer finish.
Dimension: Width 1850mm X Fund 600mm X 850mm to 1050mm High variable.
Price: 999,00 _ Excluding shipping.



Madrid, Spain


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