Lara Plácido

Porto, Portugal


URAYCAMUY [Going up and down in Quechua]

URAYCAMUY emerges as an intervention in the built environment, which generates and regenerates flows and new dynamics. With a renewed image which is functional, integrated in the context, identified in different parts of the city, as well as permeable, with pace and coordinated with other sectors that communicate and connect with it. This proposal not only reinforces the recovery of the character and use of the space but also fosters the appropriation of space by the people of Camargo.

Designer: TSL 2015 in Bolivia | Camargo
Inspired By: Camargo Landscape
Material: Reeds
Colours: Natural
Dimension: 650 m2
Price: 1100$


Natureza em Risco

“…as we walk past it, will grow a “diary” of the garden, superimposing spontaneous and arbitrary records, productively artistic through the action of the wind on the rods with markers attached to their ends which will operate like a wind printer of the intervention of viewers ready to interact with them, thus creating a drawing of their journey….”

Designer: Lara Plácido | Sara Bento Botelho (Portugal)



Porto, Portugal






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