Marc Wnuck

Mannheim, Germany


52 Aces

Our newest project - a poker card-game for designers, made by designers. Every carddesign will be undertaken by another graphic designer/illustrator. 52 international "Aces" will be participating. 999 Decks "Limited Edition"

Designer: 52 international Designers (Germany)
Manufacturer: Zeixs (Germany)


Design-Stricher wanted

Designers are lone fighters who must sometimes "prostitute" themselves to be successful. For “Designer Strich” we’re searching freelancers, who offer their services. Confederate with a portrait, a photo of the “place of work”, and a selection of 3-5 works, we’re creating an overview of the German-speaking freelancer-scene. With contact details, preferences and other things to know. The attendance is free!
deadline: 31.07.2008 «

Designer: Marc Wnuck (Germany)


zeixs - Designbooks

zeixs is the collaboration between the publishing house Feierabend Unique Books and the design agency 12ender. It was founded in 2006 and immediately produced a series of bestselling books: Graphic Design, Illustration, Logo, and Typography were sold out after only eight months. Now, zeixs moves on to the next chapter by releasing several brand new titles.

Designer: Marc Wnuck (Germany)
Manufacturer: 12ender (Germany)



Mannheim, Germany






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