Marco Lana

Turin, Italy


Strip Ease

“Strip Ease” is a multifunctional modular street furniture element: it can be used as a bench and a bike rack if it’s placed horizontally, or it can easily become a vase or a rubbish bin by inserting a proper internal framework and placing it vertically. The name “Strip Ease” is also closely dealing with the production process. In fact the object is created simply by folding a recycled steel strip in the shape of a spiral in order to minimize the waste of material.

Designer: Lana+Savettiere architects (Italy)
Inspired By: spring
Material: recycled steel
Colours: various
Dimension: 45x45x90 cm


Day Off

Outdoor and indoor luminous circular seat/table made of coloured plastic material.
The shape design draws on the ON/OFF icon of electronic devices, to comunicate the idea of pushing the OFF button on an hard day and pushing the ON button to relax on your day off, on a night out or in your own preferred spot.
Day Off is suitable for outdoor events and vernissages, to furnish the intimacy of a balcony or a garden and to create ludic and interesting atmosphere in a home.

Designer: Marco Lana (Italy)
Inspired By: on/off icon



Appen-Dino is a funny furniture object made of plexiglass. Its design remember a pirate face with blue hat and red face.
Its fixed to the wall by two screws covered by the “hat”, while the two parts of the “face” can be rotated to become hooks.
Available in different color combinations, it’s a home furniture suitable for every kind of room: from the living room to the bathroom, from the kitchen to the baby’s room.

Designer: alberto savettiere (Italy)
Inspired By: Pirate face
Material: Plexiglass
Dimension: Diameter: 12 - 25 cm; Depth: 2 cm



Sherpa is a transformable item of clothing, wearable in three different ways.
It is revesible, between the woollen outer layer and the water-resistant interior side.
– if it’s cold you can wear Sherpa as a warm scarf
– if you have to carry objects you can use it as a capacious handbag
- if it’s raining you can turn it inside out and use it as a water resistant hood.

Designer: Marco Lana, Chiara Lucchini (Italy)
Material: Wool and waterproof cotton
Colours: various



architect, designer


Turin, Italy


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Marco Lana architect

Lives and works in Turin. He has been officially registered as an architect since 2003 and since 2009 is a member of ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale). He now works in architectural design, interior design and packaging and collaborates with leading architects studios offices and packaging agencies.


Project "Day Off" winner at SUN.LAB FOR A CREATIVE OUTDOOR 2009,
international competition


100% design 2009, London
SUN.LAB at SUN 2009, Rimini ITALY
By Hand 2009, Turin ITALY
Arteinluce 2009, Turin ITALY
Paratissima 2009, Turin ITALY




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