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Margot Krasojevic

Beijing, China


3D Printed Fractal LED Motor

The light's ceramic 3d printed shell is modelled using an ever decreasing repeated pattern, these fractal dimensions reserve self-similarity across scale, where at any magnification there is a smaller piece of the object only being restricted through it's entire form. When air passes over it the light freely rotates picking up speed as a result of it's weight,
The movement rotates a motor which creates a current using a joule thief circuit to light up a cluster of LED'S. There is no battery.

Designer: Margot Krasojevic (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Margot Krasojevic (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Fractals
Material: Ceramic, Nylon
Colours: white
Dimension: 35cmx30cm


3d Printed Tritium LED light

Acrylic photoluminescent strips slide into grooved sections. LED bulbs sit within a rubber wheel that can be repositioned inside the light, the light radiated from the bulbs is absorbed by the phosphorescent strips and slowly re-emitted creating a glow, creating subtle light transitions altering our perception of the entire form.

Designer: Margot Krasojevic (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: (Netherlands)
Inspired By: watch dials
Material: Ceramic, Tritium


Electric Coral Reef

steel frame connected to electrical cable that is attached to floating solar panels on the water surface. Small bits of natural coral are attached to this steel frame in order to generate further growth. This electrical current is low enough for divers to swim around the structure but strong enough to create an electric field around the frame which condenses dissolved calcium carbonate out of seawater and attaches itself to the steel frame in order to build the limestone skeleton

Designer: margot krasojevic (United Kingdom)


Orbital Magnetic Light

Lightweight ceramic digitally fabricated LED light hovers over base the semi-conducting base creating a magnetic field around it enabling it to hover and rotate when gently pushed.
The light can also be hung like a static ceiling pendant.

Designer: Margot Krasojevic (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Magnetic levitation
Material: ceramic


LED Water Light

The light is made from recycled laboratory glassware; synthetic polymer tubes contain when used with low voltage LED lights.Light is diffused, deflected and refracted, creating a dynamic shadow focusing light accordingly.An additional mirrored semi-sphere can be used to reflect light upwards intensifying it in the process.

Designer: Margot Krasojevic (Serbia)
Manufacturer: (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Nikola Tesla
Material: synthetic polymer tubes


Hydroelectric Waterfall Prison

The sustainable prison acts as a pump storage hydroelectric power station. Ocean water pumped into the prison hold stored released from a height over the tyson turbines floating below, produces 3.6 MW energy.

Designer: Margot Krasojevic (China)
Inspired By: Buoyancy Hydro Airlift Pump


3D Printed Electrical Conductive Light

The tempered glass light contains an electrical circuit powered by a 3V lithium battery in series with a photoresistor, a 1k resistor and a transistor. The 60 Candela LED light turns on when dark. The light contains a 'test' material in the circuit which is a replacable element that conducts current, these plates are 3d printed SLS metal componants which complete the circuit to like a reed switch.

Designer: Margot Krasojevic (China)
Manufacturer: (China)
Dimension: 35cm


Piezoelectric Playground, Belgrade 2011

Movement agitates the semicondcuting piezoelectric crystal disks which as a result generate an electric current within the structure itself, this voltage controls the holographic glass clad canopy and optic fibre light projections choreographing a series of patterns which illuminate the immediate context according to the music or events occurring within the canopy.

Designer: Margot Krasojevic (China)
Manufacturer: (Serbia)
Inspired By: Clavilux Lumia Projects
Material: Semiconducting Piezoelectric cells


Cantilever Light

The 5V LED light strip is contained within a sealed tempured glass tube balanced vertically on a brass frame. An etched brass circuit plate is positioned in the glass tube and conducts a current to the LED strip.

Designer: Margot Krasojevic (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: (United Kingdom)
Material: Brass, glass


Infinity Cliffside Pavilion 2010

The pavilion balances on the cliffs overlooking Llandudno, cape town, the main living area is suspended with a swimming pool connecting the interior and exterior, a dichroic glass and reinforced steel pod cover the main living area and a swimming pool connecting the interior and exterior.

Designer: Margot Krasojevic (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: (South Africa)


3d printed Momentum light

A light which produces an electrical current as a result oif it's kinetic energy. The 3d printed nylon polymer shell rotates accelerating in one direction and then the other, this simple harmonic movement continues with the slightest of environmental changes.

Designer: margot krasojevic (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: (Netherlands)
Inspired By: spindle rotation
Material: nylon polymer
Colours: white
Dimension: 32cm


Ordos Desert Buddhist Temple

The project has been commissioned by The city of Ordos. It is an open temple located on the outskirts of the Ordos desert, the Buddhist temple is an area for meditation and religious ceremonial offerings for nomadic peoples.

Designer: Margot Krasojevic (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: (China)
Inspired By: Incense


Hanging Desk Lamp

The 3d printed shell is nonorientable, it is an extruded mobius strip with one surface that wraps and unwraps itself around the light source. A removable brass frame/cage acts as a consists of strips which allow the light to be hung or positioned siudeways as a table lamp if preferred.
The lamp has a spirit level embedded within its ceramic shell, the shell glows and reflects light round the surface giving a diffused quality.

Designer: Margot Krasojevic (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: (Netherlands)
Material: Ceramic
Colours: white
Dimension: 35cm


3d Printed Magic Lantern

The ligtweight shell acts like a magic lantern rotating with the heat oof the lamp. The material is a olished fire resistant lastic that turn slowly projecting patterns onto the surrounding surfaces.

Designer: Margot Krsojevic (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Magic lanterns, coal effect electric heater
Material: acrylic based polymer
Colours: white
Dimension: 20cm


Floating Realities Art Museum

The art museum design attempts to choreograph images and views into the city in an attempt to highlight the ever expanding definition of what is considered real, the design dilutes the edges between the viewer and the virtual by creating a creating a collaged effect of the building within it's context. A superimposed perception of context and design.

Designer: Margot Krasojevic (United Kingdom)


Water purifying Bridge

The form of the proposed bridge follows a water vortex, which pumps polluted canal water through and round the steel tubes which filter it and create a current which helps with the sanitation of the canals

Designer: Margot Krasojevic (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: (United Kingdom)


3d printed Ceramic Air Turbine Light

This 3d printed light acts as a vertical axis wind turbine. The form of the light uses the properties of aerodynamics to behave like a wind propeller, in principal the design is inspired by the Ropatec wind rotor. The ceramic body of the light is attached to a vertical axis which turns a diode rotor that transforms the movement into light. This 3d printed shell traps wind which rotates the axis in turn generating and transforming energy into light.

Designer: Margot Krasojevic (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: (Serbia)
Inspired By: Nikola Tesla
Material: Ceramic
Colours: White
Dimension: 30cm height
Price: 45 GBP


Multiple Schema

Blurring the edges between real and virtual, an architecture breaking with anticipation and the expectancy of automatic response.

Designer: Margot Krasojevic (United Kingdom)


Fractal Dimension

The Tower, the imagined/subjectively perceived space is translated and continually morphed as a result of the surface renderings and reflections, whose boundaries and physical transitions are non-static, thus creating a dynamic series of dimensions. The reflecting surfaces have a Hausdorff dimension12 greater than its topological dimension, with the aim of presenting an infinite number of geometric iterations of an infinite length while the area remains finite.

Designer: Margot Krasojevic (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: (United Kingdom)



Beijing, China


Architecture, Exhibition Design, Interior Design


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