Martin Doller

Cape Town, South Africa


FRAMED Collection by Martin Doller

Framed is a contemporary collection of three sculptured pendant lights.
The inspiration behind the collection was to highlight the beauty of the light bulb itself by making it a visible focal point of the pendant design. The blades of the pendants are made from the highest grade aircraft aluminium, anodised in black with a choice of Red, Black or Gold fabric cord . The pendants are entirely flat packed and the parts can be easily assembled without any tools.

Designer: Martin Doller (South Africa)
Manufacturer: Martin Doller Design (South Africa)
Inspired By: The beauty of the light bulb
Material: Anodized aircraft aluminium
Colours: black


Coral Chandelier

A contemporary fitting made from sheets of perspex randomly suspended to diffuse the light and hide the bulbs.

Designer: Martin Doller (South Africa)
Manufacturer: Martin Doller (South Africa)
Material: perspex and stainless steel
Dimension: 500 x 500 mm
Price: POA


Gami Fruitbowl

The origami-design is a play on shadows, with the angular facets forming a geometric pattern in shades of white and grey. The floral-like design also symbolizes the beginning stage in the life-cycle of a fruit.

The design ensures that no sharp edges come into contact with the fruit, which would damage or bruise them and cause them to decay quicker. The vertical air vents ensure good air circulation, keeping the fruit fresh and dry for longer.

Designer: Martin Doller (South Africa)
Manufacturer: Carrol Boyes (South Africa)
Inspired By: folded napkins
Material: stainless steel
Colours: white



Cape Town, South Africa





Cape Town
South Africa

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