Moritz Friedrich

Mnchen, Germany


Up, Pendant Light

The pendant light collection „Up“ draws full attention to the textile cable.
Different colours of the cable contributes not only individual design options, but also the key component of the construction as well as appearance.
By increase or decrease the number of cable coils around a pole the user can change the hanging hight of the light.
Straight-lined shapes of the luminare bodies emphasise the elegant and playful route of the coloured textile cable inside.

Designer: Moritz Friedrich (Germany)


Tric, Tablet Table

Clear lines characterize the tablet table collection „tric“. The base frame is made from solid material and its shape includes a little cleverness. It contains the fence for the tray so the tray always get back in position after using it on its own.

Designer: moritz friedrich (Germany)
Dimension: 38cm diam x 48cm height; 60cm diam x 48cm height; 60cm diam x 32cm height


M3, Barstool

Timelessly elegant and in many different colours, the M3 fits perfectly in every room. My personal goal was to keep the cost of materials and production as low as possible. The chair's construction is simple yet full of character.
Essential for the low production cost is the base frame, which is made of only one single steel tube. The shape of this tube includes the foot rest as well as the support for the cosy seat shell that enables an uncomplicated, two-part mould construction.

Designer: Moritz Friedrich (Germany)
Material: steel tube, plastic material
Dimension: 52 x 92 x 50 cm


Hello, Coat Hook

The simple coat hook „Hello“ is made out of folded sheet metal.
The material cost is extremely low by using only a small piece of sheet metal, a weld nut and a hanger bolt. Furthermore the keel like shape of the middle hook supports much heavier loads like bags.

Designer: Moritz Friedrich (Germany)
Manufacturer: not jet in production
Material: sheet metal
Dimension: H 5,5cm W 8,5cm



Mnchen, Germany






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