Nelson Medina

New York, United States


Revolutionart Magazine 29 - Nuclear

Many artists manifesting their toughts about nuclear energy and exclusive interviews with members of Slipknot and Cradle of Filth
Dowload your free copy now:

300+ pages of inspiration for free

Designer: Nelson Medina (Peru)
Manufacturer: Revolutionart (Uruguay)
Inspired By: Nuclear crisis in the world


Revolutionart Magazine 28

Download your free copy of Revolutionart 28 . Myths and legends.
The 1st edition of 2011 !
Graphic design, photography, models, video, contests, music and more.

Designer: Nelson Medina (Peru)
Manufacturer: (Peru)
Price: 0


Revolutionart Magazine 23

Revolutionart Magazine 23 - SPACE
Inspiration from the stars. Download your free copy now.

Designer: nelson (Peru)
Manufacturer: (Peru)
Inspired By: space
Material: digital


Revolutionart Magazine 22

Inspired in the End of Humanity

Designer: nelson (Peru)


Revolutionart Magazine 20 - Ethnic edition

Ethnic edition of Revolutionart. Includes an exclusive interview with Tokidoki 's Simone Legno and beautiful models.

Designer: Nelson Medina (Uruguay)
Manufacturer: (Peru)
Price: $0



A new character for Revolutionart

Designer: Nelson Medina


Revolutionart Magazine

REVOLUTIONART is an international magazine edited in pdf format as a collective sample of the best of the graphics arts.

It's a revolutionary platform, a massive propaganda to communicate messages and make the people think about them.

Designer: Nelson Medina (Peru)
Manufacturer: (Peru)



New York, United States


Art Direction, Design Management, Illustration


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New York
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