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Geometric Two

Geometric Two is a brand new pattern book by graphic artists and book designers Nicole and Petra Kapitza. 

The starting point for this year-long project was the design of 200 new geometric pattern fonts based on simple geometric shapes. Kapitza then used these new pattern fonts to design a modern collection of innovative artworks in a wide range of contemporary colour schemes and styles. 

This book is a treasure trove of new ideas for colour and pattern enthusiast.

Designer: Kapitza (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Geometry
Material: Munken Paper
Colours: Colourful
Dimension: 17×23 cm
Price: Kickstarter price £50 (retail price £70)



Organic is Kapitza’s second book project featuring 200 dazzling, previously unpublished artworks. With this new book the authors of the highly acclaimed book Geometric continue their exploration of experimental pattern design.
224 pages
110 full colour and 90 monochrome illustrations
perfect bound, dustjacket, heavy matte stock
ISBN 978-0-9570385-1-6
published by kapitza books

Designer: Kapitza (United Kingdom)
Material: Heavy matte Stock
Dimension: 17x23 cm
Price: 69 USD



Geometric ist ein einzigartiges Muster-Ideen-Buch mit 264 aufregenden farbigen und schwarzweißen Patterns von Kapitza. Lassen Sie sich dazu inspirieren, selbst Muster mit den 100 Geometric Pattern Fonts zu entwerfen, die diesem Buch in Mac- und PC-Format beiliegen. Muster machen ist jetzt so einfach wie tippen - nur mit unendlich schöneren Folgen...

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Designer: Kapitza (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz (Germany)



Twirl is the latest release from Kapitza Shop, an online store specialising in picture fonts and vector illustrations for download.
Twirl is a set of 50 colourful graphic twirl illustrations. Perfect to use on their own, as flourishes or to create layered illustrations.

Designer: Kapitza (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Kapitza (United Kingdom)



London, United Kingdom





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